Chemistry 9-20-19 Technology 101 & Lab Reports

CHEMISTRY: Great job today beginning the journey of learning to write digital lab reports. Be sure and follow very carefully the directions in the Tech 101 Assignment sheet. Everything in the Tech 101 assignment is there to teach you something that you will need to know how to do to write up lab reports.

Two GREAT apps for your phone that will make your lab report writing life SOOOO much easier are the Google Drive app and Scannable (iphones) or CamScanner (android phones.) With the Google Drive app you can send lab photos from your phone directly to your drive and then insert them directly into your lab report. Huge time saver! With the Scannable app, you will be able to scan in your handwriting, calculations, etc., without having to use a scanner. So very helpful for this year – and I use it all the time in my every day life!!

For the future, here’s an overview of your workflow as you write up labs:

  • First, you’ll write your lab in Word or Google Docs, CAREFULLY following the Digital Lab Manuscript Form guidelines
  • Convert your Word document or Google Doc to a PDF
  • Upload the PDF to Google Drive in your Class Shared Folder
  • AND upload the PDF to

Instructions for using are on the Tech 101 sheet. If you already have an account you can use it – you don’t have to set up a new one. Here are the class codes – be sure and use the code for your class period!!

Chemistry 3 – 21813772
Chemistry 4 – 21813776
Chemistry 6 – 21813804
Chemistry 7 – 21813849

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42 thoughts on “Chemistry 9-20-19 Technology 101 & Lab Reports

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  6. I did the article about Vaping and how it is causing kids and young adults to be hospitalized or dying. Many studies from multiple different companies have show the affects and information that is causing them to be sick or die. But yet know one listens to them or the affects it is having.

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  8. This week as I reviewed the recent test, I was pleased with my grade, but what I struggled with most was reading and remembering what a question asked for. This sounds simple enough, but I often skip over an important word in a question and get the whole problem wrong because of it. In order to prevent this, I am working to read information and questions more carefully in the beginning. I will also look back when I finish the work to make sure I answer exactly what I’m told to.

  9. This week I have struggled with understanding how to get a pdf in my shared folder. So, I asked my parents for help. Then after they showed me I did it on my own. So in class when we did it everything clicked. I had an “epiphany “.

  10. This week, I have been struggling with all the tech stuff. I am not very good with computers, but I have learned a lot just in this week with the help of some classmates and Mrs. Skinner. To help with what I have been struggling with I have tried to follow and pay attention to all the instructions and tips Mrs Skinner has told us in class along with the sheet we are supposed to follow. It has not been the easiest thing but I am getting there

  11. Right now, I’m struggling with balancing my own personal hobbies with school work. I’m going to try and manage my time better by just leaving some time for myself, maybe between breaks of studying and homework.

  12. This week I have been struggling with everything we have been doing on the computers. My class mates have been very helpful. Reading the web posts and reading over the instructions very carefully has helped me a lot.

    • This week I struggled on doing the Tech 101 Assignments. I was also struggling on Turning all the images into PDFs. I will overcome this struggle by just doing it in the future.

  13. This week, I struggled with the Tech 101 assignment, as it was frustrating when I messed up the documents. In the end I figured out how to scan the documents correctly and finished the assignment.

  14. This week, I struggled with the Tech 101 assignment, which was very frustrating, but my classmates were extremely helpful. Reading the instructions thoroughly helped me finish the assignment correctly.

  15. This week I struggled with the lab “massing without a balance” it was extremely frustrating, but after about an hour of trying, the bell rang. So we got to leave. I now understand how to complete the lab, and feel a lot more confident about massing.

  16. This week, I struggled with understanding how we were going to find the mass without of balance. My class mates helped me understand how we were going to do it. Especially when you had us get into groups and work on figuring out how we were going to find the mass. I also tried using google before we talked about it in groups, but the best I could find was to use magnets.

  17. At the beginning of the week, I struggled with the Tech 101 assignment which made me very frustrated. But, then I started reading all the directions multiple times and then I caught on pretty quickly. I was able to finish early the rest of the days and help my friends who were struggling like I was.

  18. This week, I struggled with being on top of my work and time management. I have been so busy that I have let my schoolwork become less important. I am working on it by getting on top of everything again. I’m also going to stop procrastinating.

  19. This week, I struggled with the Technology 101 assignment. I was confused on some of the steps for scanning it. I reread the packet and asked questions to my classmates, and then I understood the directions better. I was able to complete all the assignments and now know what to do.

  20. This week I struggled with the Technology 101 assignment. I was confused about the directions and what apps to use, but then I talked to my friends when we were in our little pods, and I got a lot of things sorted out. It was kind of hard at first but I think once we practice it more, it will become like second nature.

  21. This week I struggled with having my 2 hardest classes back to back, and it influences how I go throughout my day. I’m working on leave all the negative emotions at the door of the one class where I can focus solely on Chemistry. This will help me stay on task as well as not being distracted by other things.

  22. I struggled with the technology 101 assignment this past week. Mostly because I missed last week and I had to catch up with the work this week. I, for the life of me, could not figure out what was wrong with my gmail or my google drive. Eventually though, I was able to post pictures, and am now understanding how to do it a little more than I was. I struggled with it before, but now it is a little better.

  23. I struggled with the lab mostly, this week. For me I did not check my syllabus and forgot to print off the lab. Then, I did not have time to look over the lab. So, when I took it I had did not know to dry the lead shot and when it came time to check the answers they were wrong. So, we had to redo some Trails the next day and it was a success. I need to make the habit to check the website and syllabus everyday.

  24. This week i struggled with the lab. I didn’t come to class prepared when we had the lab. I thought it was going to be easy. I didn’t understand what the main point of the lab. So after struggling half the period i asked some people around me to figure out what we were supposed to do. For now on i need to start going over the lab the night before so i do better on the lab.

  25. This week I struggled with focusing on completing my assignments. Next week I will start putting away things that can distract me so I can complete my work.

  26. This week I struggled with keeping up with the tech 101 assignments and the lab of finding mass without a balance. I struggled because I found myself at a lack of time. I would get behind in class because I work better outside of class then after class I wouldn’t have enough time to get the assignment done because of time constraints. In the future, I’ll be sure to focus more in class and have set times to finish assignments out side of class

  27. This week I’ve struggled with with the Tech 101 assignment. I didn’t understand the directions, or how to do it. I asked my friends questions and I was able to understand it a bit better.

  28. This week I struggled with the tech 101 assignments. Making sure I had the right pdf’s in my shared folder, and also just working with technology in general. But when I went home I reread all the instructions, and I finally understood and it was easier to do.

  29. This week I struggled with the Tech 101 assignment. After carefully reading the instructions many of times and asking you with help I, understood.

  30. This week I struggled with the data gathering on the mass without a balance, after help with my lab partner and reading instructions and the lab manuscript I was able to solve my problems.

  31. During this week i’ve struggled with careless mistakes, especially in labs. After reviewing my work with my lab partners I saw what I had missed and easily fixed it!

  32. This week I struggled with the mass without a balance lab. It was difficult, but I understood it better after my lab partner and I re-did it.

  33. One thing I’m struggling with is time management I think I should try and watch the clock more in class and space my work out accordingly

  34. This week I struggled a quite a bit with the technology 101 assignment. I had to ask a bunch of people for help and try many different methods, but I eventually figured it out.

  35. This week I struggled in the tech 101 assignment. However after many times of doing it over and over again and asking for your help I eventually figured how to do it.

  36. The tech 101 is all new to me and a lot to remember. Getting everything set up took some time and remembering everything to do will be my struggle. The lab report I do this weekend will let me know if I have all the steps. It was a little tricky getting the PDFs named and getting things into the google documents correctly.

  37. It took me a while to figure out tech 101 but now I know how to use the online websites. I can now turn in things without a problem.

  38. This week I struggled with keeping up with my work. I forgot to do a lot of different things and it’s costing me my grade. The lab was something that I had to put some effort into because I did the formulas wrong the first time and had to redo everything. I’m hoping to do better this coming week.

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