8 thoughts on “Physics 9-6-19 Free Fall Acceleration

  1. This week I would rate myself 3/5. I yet again procrastinated and did not write up my labs like I said i would. Even with a short school week I found a way to get backed up my homework. Next week I can’t procrastinate because the labs are due Tuesday so I will be forced to actually do them.

  2. This week I rate myself a 3/5. I am still having trouble understanding the concepts of some problems. However, the lesson on free fall came easily to me! Hopefully that will stay the same! I am extremely stressed on the amount of work that I have to do because I let myself get too busy this week. Hopefully I will not procrastinate this weekend and meet all deadlines!

  3. This week I would rate myself a 2/5. I was stressed out. I was never focused on the present, but I was worrying about the next thing. I survived, but I hardly survived it school-wise… I mean, I almost forgot this web post. Next week, I will focus on staying focused on the “now!”

  4. This week was definitely a struggle. I understand the concepts but I just can’t apply them to my homework problems very well. I also need to finish my lab write ups so I’m pretty stressed. Hopefully, I can prepare myself for our test on Wednesday.

  5. This week I would rate myself a 3/5. It was tough forcing myself to finish my labs. I do not have the discipline I thought I had. Also, I kinda just sat back in class and did not try to make the best of every period. Physics is really challenging me, and I hope I can keep up. Next week I will do a little bit more work everyday in order to increase my skills.

  6. This week, I would rate myself a 4/5. Although I am still trying to grasp new physics concepts and I’m still struggling slightly, I believe that I am now starting to get the hang out it. Also, senior chapel went great and my golf season is coming to a end so life seems to be getting a little bit easier. Ready to get some ZZZZZZ’s!!!

  7. This week has been, yet again, a struggle. No matter what I do to try to keep up, there’s always something I’m forgetting that makes me fall behind again. I get the concepts during notes in class, and I know what to do when we work problems in class, but when I get home and try to do the same ones by myself, it’s like I hit a wall, and I don’t know where to go next. With my phone and computer both broken at the same time, it’s hard to get work done, but I know I need to step it up and find a way around it. This weekend will be a weekend of catching up and forcing my luck to turn around. (I had this typed out once, and then I went to click the anti-spam box, and I accidentally hit the back button on the side of my mouse, and it took me back to the last page and deleted my comment, so like, that’s where we’re at right now.)

  8. This comment is really late. Whoops. This week has been very tiring, but in terms of learning, I’m getting better at acceleration and velocity problems. I’m making good use of the formula’s that we’ve learned so far and feel confident in all of this. I need to write my labs up still, so let me go work on that.

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