15 thoughts on “Chemistry 9-5-19 Density Problems & Building a Balance

  1. This past week I have learned how to use the Q formula better. I find myself getting through the homework more efficiently and feel myself learning it by practicing. I hope this learning will help me better on my test

  2. This week I learned how to use the Q formula. At first I really struggled with it but i have now gotten better with it. I have used the Q formula on my homework and classwork this week.

  3. The Build a Balance lab today was tough to not give up on, but more importantly it was a good way to apply what I’ve learned about density and add to that knowledge. On my own, my first thought probably wouldn’t have been to use the density of water to find the mass of a coin, but it was good to realize how things like that work together so easily to produce other information.
    Also, I’ve been thinking more scientifically in life… I consciously thought about the fact that since cereal floats in a little bit of milk in a bowl, it is less dense than milk. (Or maybe I’m just a nerd haha)

  4. Trying to make a balance was very frustrating every time I failed, but it taught me more patience in chemistry. Also it taught me to understand that not everything will work out the way I want it to. I can apply that to my everyday life by having patience in all that I do.

  5. I learned this week that the density water 1g/cm3. How I apply this is by knowing how much lead weight I should use if I want to be at the bottom of a 30meter rope, in 30 seconds. I should sink at a rate of a meter a second.

  6. This week in class I learned how to do the Q formula. I applied this learning in my homework throughout the week. I hope to further my knowledge on the Q formula and get better before our upcoming test.

  7. This week I learned well to apply words I have said in class. To homework because it forms a good memory, so that when the test comes it will be easy doing Conversions and other Chemistry Math Problems. This is always a constant action I will keep continuing this in class to better prepare me for the homework, the upcoming test, and later the exam.

  8. This week I learned about the Q formula. I used this formula on homework and the first couple nights it was really hard, but now I kinda understand it.

  9. This week I really struggled with the Q formula but as the week went on I got to better understand the Q formula. I will use this formula on my homework and tests.

  10. This week on the homework was a challenge, but I realized to at least try the problem. I am understanding the Q formula better now because of this.

  11. This week I learned how to use the Q formula, and how to find the Quantity given and the constant factor. I applied it in my homework this week.

  12. During this week, I learned how to better apply the Q formula. I really struggled with it at first, but after I understood it a bit better i was able to better apply it to my homework.

  13. To applicate myself this week I spoke out in my class on occasion to ask questions. I also applicated myself by checking the syllabus every night.

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