Chemistry 9-4-19 Cobra Venom and Liters of Water

CHEMISTRY: How are you doing with some of the longer conversion factor problems? Remember, you’re not just trying to get an answer. Most importantly, you are learning to express a logical progression of thought – from one unit to another. I think I see you getting way better at it! Keep practicing until you can do it by yourself with no help!!

Here are the ones we did in 3rd period today – #14, cobra venom, and #16, liters of water.

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15 thoughts on “Chemistry 9-4-19 Cobra Venom and Liters of Water

  1. This week I am learning how to solve the Q formula in word problems. We have learned to make sure we have the right amount of sig figs in our answers and the right unit. I have learned how to, for example go from a year to days to glasses of water to milliliters to liters so that I can solve the Q formula.

  2. This past week I learned all about the Q formula and how to convert units into different, sometimes completely unrelated, units of measurement. In the beginning, I didn’t understand it all, but now I do a whole lot better.

  3. I am learning to not only apply myself but also to practice over and over and over again (not just a few times). I am applying myself by talking in class and working with Mrs. Skinner on problems that I am confused about. I am also applying myself by learning by my mistakes.

  4. This week I have learned how to apply and use the Q formula I am also learning density and other formulas too. I am applying them by doing my homework and making sure i work them out properly.

  5. This week I have learned how to use the Q formula and density formula in long word problems. I have applied this knowledge to my homework and now know how to use them correctly.

  6. This week I learned the steps of using the Q formula. I applied the Q formula with my homework that we did. It helped me solve the problems.

  7. This week I am learning the Q- formula. I’m applying this in my homework and practicing this by reworking problems that we have already worked in class.

  8. This week I learned more about the Q formula. I am applying this to my homework, classroom discussions, and soon enough the tests and quizzes.

  9. Thanks to Skinners desire to help myself and others, I properly learned the Q formula as well as the correct way of showing my work- or rather why I show work.

  10. This week I learned how to correctly workout mostly all problems with the Q formula. I have applied this to my homework and class room discussion and will continue to do so.

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