Chemistry 8-29-19 Conversion Factors

CHEMISTRY: Great job with our start on using conversion factors to work problems! Hopefully this was a review from your earlier academic life. We’ll crank it up a notch tomorrow!! 😉

Remember, this isn’t just about getting an answer – some of you can do that in your head. This is about being able to convert from one unit to another using the Q-formula. (And yes, you have to do it that way!)

Make sure you practice using your notes tonight, it’ll help you remember the steps we followed today in class!

If you need more practice on these or other problems, what about the HELP SESSION tomorrow morning? 7:00ish A.M. 🙂

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26 thoughts on “Chemistry 8-29-19 Conversion Factors

  1. This week I did better on taking quizzes. I actually took my time and listened. I also studied and prepared for the SI unit prefixes quiz.

    • This week I did not miss a homework which is good. I was very sick on Thursday and Friday. I just want to continue to improve so I can make a good grade over all, and I think I understood the lessons this week.

  2. This week I felt like I did better on my time management and note taking. I listened to Mrs skinner in class, and understood the notes I was taking and felt like I actually learned it

  3. This week I did well on my homework. I kept up with it and made sure I did it along with my other work. I made sure to try and get the correct answers and show the correct work. I did this so I can try and get an A in this class.

  4. This week I did well on taking better notes. I feel like I did well because I can comprehend the notes a lot better, and I gave myself lots of space between topics to write in more notes, which made the notes easier to follow.

  5. This week I did good on my quizzes and homework. I made good grades on my quizzes and I did all my homework.

  6. This week I did a lot better at understanding the notes. This is because before we learned the lesson in class i would read the lesson in the book first.

  7. This week I did well on the quiz because I used to flash cards to study, and I didn’t wait until the day before the quiz to start studying.

  8. I did better this week on asking questions. I was able to do this because I enjoyed the topic and when a problem would arise, I would be able to ask questions more freely.

  9. This week I did better at managing my time, and paying attention in class. My notes are better organized this week because if I missed something I went back and watched the vod cast to write what I missed

  10. This week after missing a couple of days from being sick I felt a little behind. I was able to catch back up of what I missed by watching the vod cast. I was able to complete all my homework assignments and do well on my quiz.

  11. This week I did better studying new information (to be able to apply it). Instead of just looking at notes and charts, I talked through them and tried to understand enough that I could explain it to someone else. This helped me put it all together in my mind better.

  12. This week I took better and more detailed notes. My notes were better because they were more detailed which made it a better tool for completing my homework. If I hadn’t taken better notes my homework would’ve taken longer and been harder.

  13. This week I feel like i did a better job at note taking. I took better and more organized notes, and divided each new topic from the other, so it was easier to understand the material that was taught.

  14. This week I did well on staying caught up with homework assignments. I feel like I understand what we covered good since I was able to stay caught up.

  15. This week got better at converting units, and I made an A on my quiz. At first I was pretty confused on converting, but with a little bit of practice- and the help session- I was able to better understand. I also studied hard on the SI units quiz and it paid off.

  16. I approved on studying chemistry and remembering to speak up in the class so I remember information at home. I was pretty quite last week and I learned one day that speaking up is like quizzing yourself during the class period.This also helps for my SI Unit quiz because I ended up getting a solid A. So the studying came natural at home and listening in class with speaking followed and it helps a lot.

  17. This week I studied good for quizzes and understood everything we learned in class. This helped me do better on my quizzes and homework.

  18. My triumph this week was staying on top of my work even though I was not at school. If I had I would be world of hurt

  19. This week I feel like I did better at being more prepared for what we’re learning and doing in class. I think I did this well because I managed to stay focused in class, check my syllabus everyday, and properly study for my quiz. I am working towards making these all natural habits for me, so that I can do well in the future too.

    • This week I did a lot better at staying on top of my homework and focusing on the topic until I fully grasped it. I’m also proud of myself for bouncing back with a good grade on the quiz this week. It helped by not just looking at the notes but also making flash cards.

    • this week I felt like I did a lot better at staying on task and finishing assignments all the way through. I was also proud for finishing most of my homework even when I was super tired. This really helped me to remember to stay strong in finishing because I was encouraged all week to do better with the help of some of my friends !

  20. This week, I feel like I did a lot better keeping up in class when we were taking notes because I tried really hard to make sure I paid attention and wrote everything down. I knew I needed to because if I didn’t, I would have been very confused when I was doing my homework.

  21. This week I thought I took pretty good notes, which is something I’m not good at. I also mostly understood the math problems, which was something that suprised me. Also I completely forgot about this until now but oh well.

  22. This week I studied and made good grades on my quizzes and homework. I did my best on my homework and classwork to really learn what I was being taught in class this week. I did everything to the best of my ability.

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