12 thoughts on “Physics 8-28-19 Tortoise & the Hare

  1. I would definitely say this week is a triumph. I didn’t give up on the complex problems we are working and I have out in time at home making sure that I can work them without peeking. I’ve figured out the swimmer problem, but I am still perfecting the tortoise and the hare. Practice makes perfect.

  2. This week I would give myself a solid 4/5. We were exposed to a new realm of very difficult problems this week, and I feel I performed very well on them. Unfortunately, I worked all the problems in a completely different way from what was instructed, but I still received the correct answer. I did things such as changing the reference frame to simplify what was happening; however, I do not think I will receive credit for such methods on the test. Luckily, I also learned how to derive the formulas to better prepare myself for any kind of velocity problem that I may be faced with. On the other hand, I have not worked on my lab reports at all, and I can not seem to stop procrastinating. Overall, this was a fun week, as they all have been so far. I look forward to the rest of this year in physics.

  3. This week I would have to rate myself a 4/5. At the beginning of the week, I was scared by the velocity problems, but I decided to keep at them and try my best, even though they seemed harder than the problems I remembered from chemistry. This paid off, because I was able to figure them out without being totally led through them. This helped give me confidence, and I feel like I had a better attitude in class as a result. Additionally, when we got hung up on the lab where we crashed the cars, I didn’t get “too” frustrated, and we were able to come back later and successfully finish the lab. I can’t wait to see what next week holds for me in physics.

  4. This week was 3/5. I did not slack, and I understood the lessons. I put a lot of effort into understanding the equations. However, I’ve been staying up later. I missed yesterday because of a golf game, and, now, I’m not sure what’s going on. Now, I will actually find my golf schedule, so I will know what days I will be missing and hopefully be better prepared in the future.

  5. This week I would rate myself a 3/5. We were taught some very difficult velocity/ speed problems and at first I had no idea what I was doing. However, after some practice I finally got the hang of it. But… I failed to start and finish some of my lab write ups. I plan to finish them next week hopefully. I really need to stop procrastinating it is just making school so much harder.

  6. This week was a 4/5 in physics and a 1.5/5 in everything else. I was able to work all of the problems that we attempted in class by myself and without hints! However, I am not confident yet that I can do that again, so I’ll make sure to keep practicing. Also, I really enjoyed the labs we did in class!! As for the rest of my week, I was in the emergency room for over three hours on Tuesday and was not able to do any physics, so that was definitely a struggle. My anxiety really kicked up after that, so hopefully I can give everything to the Lord and find some peace!

  7. This week was definitely a struggle for me. I’m still trying to master the complex velocity problems and I have been procrastinating on a few labs and homework. I’m going to try and get my labs done this weekend and take advantage of my study hall to get more things done early next week!

  8. I’d say this week was a triumph! At first, all of the homework problems stressed me out and I couldn’t figure them all out. But I eventually understood the tortoise and the bar problem and finally did it on my own! We were super close to crashing our cars on the first try and me and Harrison flew through that match graph activity.
    Hopefully next week I’ll gain even more understanding of the rest of the homework problems!

  9. This week was a triumph because not only did I manage to understand the complex problems but I also managed to stay on top of all my work and finish up some makeup work as well

  10. This week has honestly been somewhat of a struggle for me. I’m having a bit of trouble rearranging formulas to solve for an answer, like in the tortoise and hare problem. Homework hasn’t been the easiest to deal with but with more practice, I will get better. It was fun doing the graphing lab this week and it was a great way to visualize the concepts we’ve been learning. At least we get labor day off!

  11. This week has been a 3/5 for me, partly because that’s how many days I was at school but also because I’m having a lot of trouble with these practice problems. My brain is struggling with the multiple layers of math and equations, and I know it’s going to be very hard to catch up next week, but we’re gonna keep pushin’ through and getting better.

  12. I rate this week a 4/5 for me! Between sports, tests, and my time spent with the Lord, I felt like I was doing well in all three areas this week, which is rare. Still, I find myself tired everyday. I’m starting to wonder, do I just need to accept sleep-deprivation this year? Is there any way I can not be tired every day? I guess the answer to that will be no until golf season ends for sure. I will keep pushing on!

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