Chemistry 8-28-19 Significant Figures, Pt. 2 & Scientific Notation

CHEMISTRY – I like the way you are catching on to significant figures! Here are the notes on calculating with Sig Figs – knowing how far to carry out your answer.

Remember, the best way to really learn all of the things from this chapter is practice, practice, practice! That’s the reason it’s so important to do your homework! I give it to you so you can practice and put together all we talked about in class ….cuz I love you! 🙂

Also super important – SI quiz tomorrow! Make sure you are actively studying for it, not just looking over it!!

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7 thoughts on “Chemistry 8-28-19 Significant Figures, Pt. 2 & Scientific Notation

  1. I played better in last night soccer game because I better understand my position and I feel more connected with the team.

  2. I understand how to study better and I learned more about SI prefixes and even some things that I didn’t know about rounding. I did better because I learned how to apply things and not just learn them.

  3. Personally this week, I triumphed with a solid attempt at getting my homework or schoolwork, especially memorizing the SI Units, as well as going into my Chemistry textbook. More so right now when I could be getting to sleep at 1:00am but I instead decided that a late attempt is better than a failed or unanswered one.

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