Chemistry 8-22-19 SI Measurements

CHEMISTRY – Hey guys, so is all the info on SI measurements starting to come back to you? Here’s the lecture from today. I’m sure it’s mostly review from your physical science days, but it’s a great opportunity to refresh what you’ve learned and to get ready to begin using it!

Did you remember the prefixes and units? Start work on memorizing them NOW – SI quantities, units, and SI prefixes. For the prefixes, also make sure that you can tell me how many of something in the larger one. (That’s what I explained in class.) The quiz on them will be next Thursday, August 29.

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24 thoughts on “Chemistry 8-22-19 SI Measurements

  1. This week I struggled with time management. I will fix this by trying to not get distracted so easily, and by using my time wisely.

  2. My struggle this week was keeping on top of all the notes and homework. We are going faster than I anticipated, however, I am setting reminders on my phone about webposts and making sure I get all the notes each day by going back through the lesson at home. By doing this I hope to keep on top of my assignments better and keep a good grade average for the whole year.

  3. My struggle so far has been keeping up with my all my homework. I plan to resolve this by doing homework immediately when I get home, instead of late at night.

  4. My struggle this week has been keeping up with notes and using my time wisely. I am going to start listening more in class instead of writing and when i get home, write the notes. I will be using any time I have to prepare for class or coming assignments.

  5. This week I have struggled with remembering the SI prefixes and knowing how to convert them. I will spend extra time looking over them and watching the vodcast to refresh my memory more.

  6. This week I have struggled with second guessing myself and I am working on fixing it by sticking with my instinct.

  7. This week, I have really struggled with staying on task and getting my work done at a reasonable time. To fix this, I am going to try to do my homework and study right after I get home instead of super late at night.

  8. This week, I have struggled with taking notes. I plan on fixing this by watching the class lecture videos at home and finishing my notes. Also, the videos provide a way to listen to the lesson a second time to understand it more.

  9. This week, I have struggled with taking notes and keeping up with my work. It’s hard for me to manage my time with all of my homework and studying. I’m trying to make wiser decisions about the time that I have and I’m starting to push myself to get things done earlier, so that my stress doesn’t build up.

  10. This week i struggled with catching up and keeping up with the work we are doing. I plan on taking better notes and taking more time to do make up work.

  11. I struggle with not doing my homework at times i should and end up doing my homework late at night. I plan to start doing my homework when i should t solve that problem.

  12. This week I struggled with keeping up with notes during class since we went very fast. To fix this, I will try to be more awake when I get to class and only write down what I have to and go back to add extra details later.

  13. My struggle for this week was reading the syllabus when I get home. I’m going to remember to do this task by doing it first when I get home and get in the habit of doing it more.

  14. I sometimes feel as if I struggle with time management. I always procrastinate about getting something done and then I never get it done. That’s with school work at home and everything I do. I have been trying to work on it by setting alarms and notes in my phone reminding me to do what i have to get done.

  15. This week I struggled with keeping up with my work and checking the syllabus. To overcome this, I will set daily reminders to check the syllabus and I hope it will soon be a daily habit.

  16. I struggled some this week, but I also succeeded some too. I forgot to check my syllabus at times, and it resulted in some last minute work. I also could have done better with time management. My success was making an A on the first test, which is a great way to start off the year.

  17. This week I struggled with keeping up with my homework and not having to do it at the last minute. I plan on fixing this issue by staying on top of the syllabus and checking it earlier in the day than at night.

  18. This week I think my main struggle was time management when it came to homework. I found myself having to do assignments last second a couple of times this week. I hope to prepare myself for classes better next week on homework assignments.

  19. This week, I struggled with writing all the important information when we were taking notes before we moved onto the next section. To fix this, I plan to use abbreviations, listen more, and try not to get distracted in class.

  20. This week I realized I have problems being responsible and paying attention. The best thing I have done this week was stop making excuses and asked my teacher how to not struggle as much. This week I learned how to make oobleck and how to understand the scientific method as well as the SI system. I would have to give myself 1 star for this week by not thoroughly looking through my syllabus and realizing that this was due earlier today. If any more advice could be given on understanding how to optimally study any of the podcasts that would be great.

  21. This week I have struggled to keep up with studying and completing assignments all along the way. Whenever I find out about an assignment, it’s not my first instinct to get it done and out of the way that day. I usually leave it until it’s almost due, but I am quickly realizing that’s not the way to do it. I am going to make it a priority (set alarms and reminders) to study information at least a little bit every day all the way up until a text or quiz, so I can retain it better and easily apply it.

  22. This week I have struggled with keeping up in classes, due to being sick. Whenever I start to struggle for being absent it’s hard for me to keep up with the work, so I will always email my teachers for getting the work and doing it all whenever I can.

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