Chemistry 8-19-19 Using the Scientific Method

CHEMISTRY – Great review today of the scientific method. I know you’ve heard it for umpteen years, but it is super important that you can APPLY what you’ve learned about the scientific method.

Any questions about homework? The work from the textbook can be done with the online textbook. Follow the notes I gave you in class. Do it on notebook paper, and you can use the back of the paper. Just make sure you number listing down and not across – especially if there are a, b, etc., parts – list those down on separate lines, not across the same line. Also, skip a line between each question. Be sure and turn it in at the beginning of class tomorrow.

Speaking of that, tomorrow you’ll be using what you know about the scientific method to analyze a myth that was tested on Mythbusters.

On Wednesday, you’ll have a great chance to practice using the scientific method tomorrow with Ooblek! Make sure you print and read the Oobleck lab sheet and bring it to class Wednesday!

So do animals use the scientific method? Hmmm…..

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15 thoughts on “Chemistry 8-19-19 Using the Scientific Method

  1. I sometimes have trouble with understanding what we’re learning because I get distracted. Next week i’m going to try and focus more!

  2. This week I struggled with confidence on labs. I’m going to try and read over the lab multiple times and practice before a lab.

  3. This week I found out that I have trouble with time management. This week and from now on I’m going to try to be efficient and use my time wisely. I am also going to work harder with my partner to use time well.

  4. This week I learned that sometimes I have trouble remembering to check the syllabus every night and get my homework. This next week I’ll try to remind myself to do better.

  5. This week I personally struggled with the amount of time we have to do a lab, it can become overwhelming. Next week and future weeks I will make sure to be able to execute the labs efficiently and in an orderly manner. I will do this by reading my lab procedure multiple times,and making sure my lab partner also reads their’s.

  6. One thing I have been struggling this week in chemistry with is my time management and organization. I am going to organize all of my work and get it in the right places and I will also use my time more wisely to get things done more efficiently.

  7. I have been struggling with studying for our quizzes and tests. In the future I will study for multiple day that way if I dont have time at one day, I will still know the material.

  8. In chemistry, I’ve been struggling with managing my time during the labs. I’m going to make sure to review the lab multiple times to make sure I understand it.

  9. This week I mostly struggled on using too much time in the lab. I learned that you also need to read the lab sheet before you always do a lab

  10. I mostly struggled this week on spending too much time in the lab and on experiments. I learned that you always need to read the lab sheet before you do a lab

  11. I mostly struggled this week with time management in the lab. I learned that you should always do the homework the right way.

  12. This week, I had trouble paying attention in class and taking notes. I learned that I need to put a lot more focus into chemistry if I want to succeed.

  13. This week I was struggling to pay attention. I was somewhat sick and I was excited to go on the sophomore trip. I have studied a lot at home to help me in class.

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