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In the future, you will probably be taking online classes where you will have to be part of online class discussion groups, and you’ll be graded on your comments and how you participate. Are you having a knowing where to post your web post comment or understanding what a good web post comment is?

Here is a plan that will help you! Your goal is to have STAR Web Post Comments. Hokey title, but maybe it will stick! Click here on the STAR Web Post Comments Idea Sheet under the Worksheets/Handouts tab for ideas for good comments that will receive credit.

Here are some hints:

IMPORTANT: Make double dog sure you write your name in your web post the correct way. If your name/heading is not written correctly, you will not receive any credit for making the web post. Check an earlier syllabus for instructions on how to write your name.

Here’s what you do to post a web post comment:

  1. Click on the title of any web post from the week that I have made for your class.
  2. Scroll to the very bottom of it where it says “Leave a Reply” – you may have to scroll past comments from other people, but you can reply to those also!
  3. Enter your name correctly (check your syllabus) and your email.
  4. Type in your comment (see the info above.)
  5. Type in the Anti Spam characters in the space provided.
  6. Click Post Comment and you are done!
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88 thoughts on “Web Post Comments & Ideas

  1. B Phillips C3 says:

    What I expect to learn from chemistry is that I will know how to handle chemicals safely however to also perform cool experiments as well

  2. What I struggled with technically last week was not being able to remember lab steps and paying attention to the board before the lab.

  3. One thing I am currently struggling to remeber what happens during class. Soemthimes, lessons just don’t stick. This year, I’m going to be extra attentive and take lots of notes during class.

    • One thing I personally struggled with last year was paying attention in class. This year I want to be more engaged.

  4. What I struggled with last week was remembering names of lab equipment but now I can name all but two. I am excited for this year, full of lab days.

  5. What I struggled with last year was memorizing all of the facts and I also struggled with getting overwhelmed by all of the material we had to know.

  6. What I struggle most is keeping up with everything that is going on in my classes because I forget very easily. I also struggle with not asking as much questions as I should.

  7. What I struggled with was keeping up with my assignments. Also, I need to work on finding a study method that works for me.

  8. What I struggle with is that I procrastinate, to read a lab or go over studying something a few more times. This year I want to not procrastinate and do assignments or studying before piling it up a few days before a test, quiz, or labs.

  9. Last year, I struggled with procrastination. I would wait until the night before to study for a test or do homework. This year I plan on working ahead of time and organizing my schedule.

  10. This year I’ve struggled with some labs, but my lab partner and I have gained confidence and we started reading the lab(s) throughly before we do them which has helped us understand the labs better.

  11. I struggled with getting my last web post done. I waited until friday night to do it which was not good, then I thought I did it on my phone but it somehow did not get posted. I am making sure to get it done before the last minute, and double checking that it actually worked. I am also using my computer to post this time.

  12. I struggle a bit with keeping up with everything that is going on in my classes. Right now, I am making sure to write down every homework assignment and test/quiz dates in my agenda. I am determined to make it a habit to actively check it every day.

  13. I struggle with reading over labs before the lab day. I am working on reading the labs every time we will have one.

  14. So far this year I have struggled with reading over my labs the day before. I am getting better at reading over the labs.

  15. Last year i struggled with going over all of my notes before the tests. This year I am going to read through all my notes before a test.

  16. One thing I have struggled with so far this year is reading all the instructions on the board before starting an assignment. One way I am going to fix this is by reading the board carefully when I first come to class, and being prepared before class starts.

  17. One thing I struggle with this week was being able to write down all the stuff on the board in time. Next time I will try to read the board then paraphrase what I have just read.

  18. Last week I struggled with procrastinating. For the next few weeks I will try my best to study all throughout the week before a test and make it a habit for the rest of the year

  19. I struggled with not being prepared for class. I’m going to do better next week by actually printing off my syllabus (instead of getting screenshots from friends) and reading it for myself before we come to class.

  20. Last year I struggled with procrastinating and waiting til the last minute or the night before to study or do my homework, and so one of my goals this year especially for chemistry was to stay ahead of the game and not put myself in a stressful situation that isn’t necessary.

  21. I struggle with remembering to do all of my homework for each class or putting it off until it is due/nearly due.

  22. This year I would like to Do what it takes for me to make the best possible grade in this class which would be a great triumph/victory in my book

  23. So far, this week ive been doing really good with taking notes. I want to take really good notes so that i make good grades on my tests and quizes.

  24. One thing I am proud of myself for this week is planning ahead and getting an understanding of what I’ll be missing out in class on Thursday and Friday due to my absence on those days. I’m proud of myself because I usually don’t plan ahead and usually procrastinate til the last minute when it comes to getting classwork or homework before I leave.

  25. This week I am proud of myself for speaking more in class and paying more attention. I learned that speaking helps me better understand what’s being taught and if I get it wrong, I know why. Paying closer attention in the class will help me maintain a good grade in the class.

  26. This week I’ve done well with speaking out loud in class because Mrs. Skinner said it would help us learn better and I’ve found out it helps a lot, even if I am wrong. I have also gotten better with understanding its okay to be wrong sometimes.

  27. This week I’ve done finding out what I missed and how to do it because I went to each teacher and talked to them about it.

  28. This week I’ve done well finding out what I missed while I was out sick and how to do it because I went to each teacher and talked to them about it.

  29. This week I learned how to correctly set up the Q formula and how to plug in numbers. I was struggling at the beginning of this week, but I caught on to it by the end of the week.

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