Chemistry 5-7-19 Describing Chemical Reactions

CHEMISTRY: So you learned last semester how to determine if a chemical reaction has taken place. How would you go about describing a chemical reaction to someone? Here’s our discussion from today on writing balanced chemical equations!

Chemical formula memorization quiz tomorrow! First step in writing equations? Make sure you can write chemical formulas! First step to that? Memorization!! The quiz tomorrow will have writing and naming monatomic ions, polyatomic ions, and acids. It will be short – 18 questions in all.

So tell me again – how do you know if a chemical reaction has occurred?

Photo by Alex Holyoake on Unsplash

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10 thoughts on “Chemistry 5-7-19 Describing Chemical Reactions

  1. This week I would rate myself a 3/5. I need to keep my study habits up and keep working hard these last couple of weeks to keep my grade moving up little by little.

  2. this week i would rate myself a 1/5 because i didnt do my homework and i failed the quiz because i forgot to study. I need to do better for my grade to go up.

  3. this week i woudl rate myself a 2 out of five beacyse i didnt do good on the quiz and i didnt do my homework either i need to do the best of my ability if i want to up my grade for the year

  4. For this weeks web post I’m going to share what I thought that God was trying to teach me through the chemistry project. I believe God was trying to help me with my time management ability because this has always been an area where I’ve struggled. He helped me get the courage and time to get a good start on the project and get things organized. He also challenged me but helped me to grow in my patience because of course there were printer and WiFi problems. After all the stress and the one night of no sleep trying to make sure I didn’t forget anything he blessed me with being able to feel accomplished and proud and turn it in happily with the work I had done on it.

  5. i think God was trying to show me that with his help i can do anything and that the project was not impossible but was going to take time and that i need to have patience and take time to make sure i do things right

  6. Through the project I learned how to manage my time better and how to plan ahead. I think I did a pretty good job on time management but I need to work on how to organize which things I need to do first and which things I could wait and do later. The project overall taught me new skills which I can take with me for future projects.

  7. At the beginning of the project, I didn’t think I was going to finish. Or I thought I was going to cram it all into like two nights. God thought otherwise and made me start the day it was assigned. I thank Him for that, God was not going to let me procrastinate this time.This project taught me that something that seems as impossible as that is, in fact, possible, not even when a teacher stills continues to pile on work. That’s how life is I guess, it only gets harder but depending on how you decide to tackle it means the difference between sinking or floating.

  8. The project was very difficult because I started late. The project taught me manage my time better or youll have to stay up very very late.

  9. During the project, I learned how important time management is for me. I get overly stressed if I have too much at the last second. this normally results in me panicking and still not getting much done. I think starting sooner and spreading everything out over a few weeks would helped me to keep from as much stress as I had. I think this is a lesson God thought I needed and I’m glad it happened now instead of in college.

  10. The project showed me that you need to do everything in steps and figure at a game plan to tackle it. Thinking that some areas of the project would take me around a hour actually took me two or more hours to get in done. I believe that I have learned to have better time management and have a plan to get everything done.

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