Hon Chemistry 5-3-19 Limiting Reactants

HON CHEMISTRY: So if you have 11 roller wheels, how many roller blade skates can you make? You know, really, limiting reactant is almost that simple. Well, the concept is anyway! You deal with limiting reactants in your life all the time. Now we’re just applying that same concept with chemical reactions! 🙂

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    4 thoughts on “Hon Chemistry 5-3-19 Limiting Reactants

    1. This week I would rate myself 3/5. I didn’t feel like I was at my best this week with taking notes and paying attention. Hopefully, my test from last Friday is a good grade and I will understand this new concept for the test next Friday.

    2. I rate myself 5/5 this week. I finished the project, which is a massive weight off my shoulders. This lesson is also not nearly as hard as I thought it was gonna be.

    3. This week I would rate myself 4/5 stars. We turned in this project on Tuesday which took so much stress of my shoulders. I had been working on it for so long and put so much time into it especially calculating how much potassium chlorate we would need for enough oxygen. Calculating how much HCL and NaOH we needed also wasn’t fun, but after we started the new chapter I realized that these were basic stoichgeometry and limiting reactant problems. I really hope I make a good grade. In class we have been learning about stoichgeometry. I really like working the problems. One thing that really helped me to understand how stoichgeometry problems work was the picture of the two countries. I want to make a good grade on this next test and finish out the year strong. I know if I don’t procrastinate and work hard I will achieve this goal.

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