8 thoughts on “Chemistry 4-16-19 Dipoles

  1. i rate myself a 3/5 for this week i sort of understand the lewis structures but i had trouble with the clab hopefully the next help session will help me to better understand lewis structures

  2. this week i rate myself a 4/5. i feel like i give myself this rating because i understand the lesson pretty well and i’m confident in my cLAB that i will receive a good grade.

  3. This week I would rate myself a 4/5. I really feel like I understand how to do everything that we have been doing lately. It took me a minute to understand the cLab but I was finally able to get it and understand everything.

  4. This week I would rate myself a 3/5. I am struggling with dipoles but intend on putting a lot of time into studying them to get it right on the test.

  5. This week I would rate myself a 3/5. I have been understanding the chapter more than I was last week. I also think I did well on the cLab. I plan to work on the project research and hopefully do well on the project.

  6. this week I rate myself a 2/5 due to not being on top of my work. I plan to set aside a larger time for my studies and homework. by doing this I also hope to get a better grade on the next test then I got on the last test.

  7. This week i would rate myself a 4/5 i feel like i did well on the lab. I am understanding more and more as the days go by. i think i will make a good grade on the next test . I have been working on my project a lot so hopefully i will do good on it so i can get my grade up in this class.

  8. I rate myself a 3/5 this week. I am really stressed out about the chemistry project. I have done very well on the cLab this week. I am doing very lewis structures but not really understanding molecular geometry and dipoles. i’m hoping to get some things done on my project this weekend!

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