Physics 3-5-19 Bernoulli

PHYSICS: Were you amazed at the effect of change in surface area on the velocity of water, and especially the pressure of water, flowing through a tube? Thaaaaat explains how a calm ride on a lazy river can turn crazy in just a few seconds!

Today we concentrated on quantitative applications of Bernoulli’s Principle and a few practical applications. Tomorrow we’ll take a look at the problems and a couple more cool ways to apply Bernoulli!!

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7 thoughts on “Physics 3-5-19 Bernoulli

  1. This week I rate myself a 5/5. I have been super productive this week in all of my classes, including chemistry. Doing so has made me feel really good about myself and has made this week a lot less stressful. With most of my work for the week done already that just leaves even less for me to do right before spring break, making it possible to already start relaxing!

  2. Its test day! I am kind of worried… this chapter seems tiny but I don’t feel 100% confident in it. I’m not sure if my worries are justified because I’ve been doing well on practice problems, so hopefully that will transfer to the test! But WOW! We are finishing up our 2nd to last quarter of high school, and Explore Zone is right around the corner. Despite this chapter giving me issues, the hydraulic robot lab has been my favorite activity ALL. YEAR. So cool!!!! Even if I don’t do as well on this test, I’ve really enjoyed learning this chapter.

  3. Welp. I probably could have done better on the test. It was the conceptual material that really messed with me today. It might have helped me more if I watched the Hewitt videos. It was such a short chapter compared to the last one. I knew that I would have trouble with the conceptual material but not to this extent. Oh well what’s done is done. The third nine weeks is over now and Spring Break is here! Next is Explorer Zone. I can’t wait.

  4. This week in physics, I drudgingly anticipated Spring Break. I enjoyed the T-Bot lab, but I’m exhausted from school and homework. Thankfully, the weekend is upon us and the third quarter is over. I feel like I did well on the test today as I studied all the types of problems and used Hewitt’s videos to help me study. I was able to finish the whole test today, also! I am hoping for at least a B, but time will tell, I suppose. Anyways, have a good spring break!

  5. I had a tiring, but overall good week. I thoroughly enjoyed the T-bot lab! This chapter was very interesting and incredibly short. I felt a little nervous about the test before hand, but now I feel pretty good! Have a good spring break, Ms. Skinner!

  6. This week was only OK because I did not push myself that much. I hope I get over both my procrastination and lethargy in terms to not reaching my potential this next nine weeks. Spreading out my workload over a whole term seems to be the ideal situation, but lack of logic (AKA my ignorance) told me I deserved breaks in the middle of my course loads that rally just hurt me in the end.

  7. This week has gone pretty well. The tbot lab went well and I was able to turn in all my labs and felt like I did well on the labs. For the test I felt like I did pretty well on the math problems. I was kinda ify though about the multiple choice. The wording tripped me up but I was able to get and extra math problem in so I hope that balances it out. But overall this week is gone well and was a great end to this 9 weeks!

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