Hon Chemistry 3-5-19 Molecular Geometry Homework & cLAB

HON CHEMISTRY: Good job with Lewis structures and molecular geometry! Below is the very brief look at the homework we went over today. Holler if you decide we need to take a longer look, and we can schedule a help session.

Also we began the cLAB: 3D molecules today in class, and this vodcast will give you a head start on that assignment. Be sure and read the lab sheet BEFORE you get too far and especially before you turn in the assignment!!

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16 thoughts on “Hon Chemistry 3-5-19 Molecular Geometry Homework & cLAB

  1. I feel that I really struggled this week with procrastination. I was so tired and I didn’t want to do any homework because of this fact. However, I feel that I pushed through it (Mostly at least haha). Because of this struggle,I don’t think I finished this 9-weeks as strong as I wanted to. However, I rate myself a 3/5 because I still got these assignments completed.

  2. This week I rate myself a 4/5. This rating was derived from my umpteen successes and failures at various tasks over the short course of this week. I completed this week’s homework promptly and was able to grasp the concepts taught in class. I especially enjoyed molecular geometry because it demonstrated the magnificent genius of God and how He employs familiar shapes in the structure of molecules. However, I did not complete as much explore zone research as I would have liked. Also, I am going to be missing two days of class and will have to ascertain any concepts taught over spring break. On the bright side, I get to travel to Australia tomorrow!

  3. This week a fun triumph I had was planning for Explore Zone. Even though my original idea for using Waterlock didn’t work out, I’m really excited to work on the Ping Pong Poppers. I looked into a lot of youtube tutorials and videos about the poppers, so hopefully tomorrow I can test my idea. I ran into a little bit of a struggle with finding some very important parts, but through a lot of research, I found ways to work around that. I’m super excited to continue to work on this as time goes on in order to make an awesome exhibit for the kids!!

  4. This week I rate myself a 3/5. I feel that I have really been struggling with the Lewis structures as well as moleculer geometry. What I feel would most benefit me, in addition to extra practice and 1 or 2 or 3 help sessions, is rewatching and retaking notes over the vodcasts from this chapter. I plan on doing this over the break however, I am not going to spend the break stressing over schoolwork. On the up side, I did chose a topic for ExploreZone (sorry Buchanan–but your going to have a great magnetic slime station) that I am really excited about. I am looking forward to (and overly stressing over) our final nine weeks as a sophomore (feeling old and also kind of sort of very sad about that).

  5. This week I rate myself a 4/5. I understood the new notes on Lewis Structures. The cLab was cool and very easy to understand. I am so happy we got to work on ExploreZone this week, and I can’t wait for the day to come! This wasn’t my best nine weeks, but I am still proud of myself and plan to work harder after the break. Overall, this was a good week filled with a lot of fun. Also, I can’t wait for Spring Break this upcoming week!

  6. I felt triumphant with the outcome of this 9 weeks! My chemistry average is at its pinnacle for the year, and I’m very glad I can see hard work paying off! I’m very excited for explorezone. Being able to test our demonstrations yesterday and today has been very fun! I’m glad I was able to end the third 9 weeks on a strong point, even though I found out I broke my kneecap this morning lol!

  7. This week I rate myself a 4/5 I feel like I did really well all week keeping up with my homework and surprisingly what seemed like an overload of work from all my classes was not nearly as stressful as I expected and I finished this nine strong!!

  8. I rate myself a 3/5 this week. I struggled on a few parts of the 3D molecules cLab and procrastinated finishing it until the night before. However, I was able to correct my mistakes (hopefully) and completed the assignment on time. I finally have something for ExploreZone, but I’m slightly worried about how to make everything happen. I plan to do more research over spring break so I don’t stress myself out as the time approaches to have everything finalized!

  9. I would rate this week a 4/5. The notes weren’t too bad and I plan to look over lewis structures again at some point during the break. Working on ExploreZone is really fun! I really like my topic and although I haven’t done very much testing this week, the little bit that was done is making me really excited>

  10. This week, I rate myself a 4/5. I grasped the notes pretty easily, and the labs were fun and easy! I didn’t understand Lewis Structures at first, but now I really like drawing them. My favorite part of this week has been Explore Zone experimenting. I have had so much fun with the VR!!

  11. I would rate myself a 4/5 this week because I figured out what my explore zone project is and felt good about the lab.

  12. I rate myself a 4/5 this week. The cLAB went relatively smoothly and I nailed down what I need to do for explore zone.

  13. I would rate myself a 3/5 for this week. I turned in all my makeup work and have gotten caught up, but I still don’t fully understand certain concepts. I also didn’t do my best work on the labs for this week especially the computer molecule lab. After I turned the PowerPoint in, I noticed I had made the chemical formulas wrong for the last two molecules. Hopefully my science in the news extra credit will allow me to finish this quarter with what I want. I’m so excited for explorer zone and spring break; I can’t wait for both.

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