Hon Chemistry 3-4-19 Resonance & Polyatomic Ions & Molecular Geometry

HON CHEMISTRY: Who knew we’d be doing geometry in chemistry?!? Great job today! Lewis structures, multiple bonds, resonance, and now polyatomic ions and molecular geometry – wow, that’s a lot you’ve conquered in the last few days!

Molecular geometry is super easy. Make sure you know how to draw Lewis structures, then determine the type of ABE structure and you’ve got it. Here’s a copy of Molecular Geometry Shapes – VSEPR handout. Be sure and memorize the shape and the ABE structure that goes with it. Easy-peazy!

Here’s some good advice – don’t take shortcuts. Learn the proper steps on the easier molecules, and you’ll be able to do the hard ones. And if it’s still all Greek to you, don’t worry! Keep practicing and you’ll get it, I promise!! Don’t forget to count electrons and don’t forget CONS!

flickr photo by Ron Layters

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One thought on “Hon Chemistry 3-4-19 Resonance & Polyatomic Ions & Molecular Geometry

  1. This week i rate myself a 3:5. I’m working on understanding lewis structure better, but I did learn what I’ll be doing for the explorer zone and even tested it out a few times on people! I’m very excited.

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