Physics 2-21-19 Pascal’s Law

PHYSICS: Did you realize that fluids could produce that much force? Make’s you wonder at the awesome way God designed those beautiful under water sea creatures to withstand so much pressure, doesn’t it? This little creature is a lionfish from the waters of Lembeh, Indonesia.

Oh, and here’s the lecture on Pascal’s law and hydraulics and the like.

Physics 2-27-17 Pascal's Law from Tammy Skinner on Vimeo.

flickr photo by CW Ye

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11 thoughts on “Physics 2-21-19 Pascal’s Law

  1. This week I rate myself a 5/5. I did really well on the test we had and I’m super proud of myself about that. This week has been really easy and I’m not sure if its the play or if it’s because it’s about to be spring break or a combination of the two, but one way or the other its been a really relaxing week. I got my Explore zone research down and got my materials turned in so those can be ordered and make sure that the experiment I have planned will actually work.

  2. I have recently been struggling in physics. I am getting confused about the lessons and it feels like this chapter has been a blur for me. I am super confused and stressed out by all of it. I have been trying to get ahead for next week since I am going to be in Jamacia but I am honestly struggling to keep up with what’s due the next day because of the play. I need to pay more attention in class and try my hardest to focus on my work.

  3. I am doing my webpost this week to make sure I don’t forget again. This chapter has felt like it has been a blur, since we are learning so much stuff in such a short time. I’m not looking forward to writing my lab reports this weekend, but I know that these could be great boosters for my grade. I am getting a little stressed about having to make sure that I have all of the necessary materials for Explorer Zone, but I’m sure it will be alright.

  4. What a week! We’ve had a lot going on- from interviews, to inductions, to wrapping up the 9 weeks… and that’s nothing compared to those in the play, IBS, and basketball. But you know what? We are surviving! I really like this chapter so far. As my web post says EVERY week, the concepts sort of trip me up, but its not as difficult as last chapter (yet). I’m super excited for the lab today! I think its going to be really really cool.

  5. Ok. This has been such a busy week for everyone. I am feeling stressed out right now, but I think I will be ok. This nine weeks my grades have not been what I want them to be and I think that I could have done so much better. For now I will just try to survive the rest of this nine weeks and just make sure that I will do better in the future. I am very glad we only have to write up two labs because it feels like we flying through this lesson so I will definitely need to look over it more during the weekend. I just need to remember to breath. Can’t believe that the third nine weeks is about to end.

  6. I can’t believe that it’s actually Friday!!! This week has been absolutely CRAZY!! I have survived so far, but the day isn’t over yet… This chapter seems to have gone by really fast or it’s just really short. I know I’ll need to check out a Hewitt Conceptual Physics just to be sure I have all the concepts down, especially the stuff from the pressure thLab. I think I understand it a might more now than in class, but it sure did take me a while to think through it all. I’m looking forward to Jamaica and what God has planned for us there, and thankfully I’ve managed to get most stuff done ahead of time except for centripetal force lab write-up and the hydrolics thLab. I’m going to try my best to get them done while packing and being a bridesmaid before we leave but it might not be till spring break… Happy Weekend and Happy Spring Break in advance 🙂 only 1 more nine weeks left!

  7. This week has been insane, but we’ve made it through. I’m excited to work with the t-bots on Monday! I think I’ve done pretty well this week on not getting behind on work, and I hope to keep it up next week. Have a good weekend, Ms. Skinner!

  8. This week in Physics, I found a new hobby of messing with TBots. Using hydraulics to move a robotic arm is fascinating to me. I missed Tuesday because of a doctors appointment, but I got the formulas I missed and am back on track for the most part. This chapter seems to be interesting so far, so I am hoping I can get a better grasp on the conceptual end of it, as I typically struggle with concepts. So far, I’ve been watching a lot of videos online from people like Mark Rober who teach physics concepts in a video while showing cool demonstrations to enthrall the viewer. I am hoping to be able to incorporate some of these “lessons” into my study of this chapter’s concepts, as it might improve my test scores.

  9. This week in physics wasn’t too bad. It has been sort of stressful thinking about all of the work I’m gonna have to turn in when I get back from my IBS trip as well as trying to finish the labs before I leave, but overall I stayed on top of my homeworks throughout the week and this chapter is clicking so far. Hopefully I don’t forget all of it before our test!

  10. I’ve been doing very well this week. I’ve always want to learn more in depth about pressure and buoyancy so hers my chance now! Recently I started working on my topic for explore zone. I got the fluidized sand bed built and now I just have to test it with sand it in. I cannot wait to try it out and I really hope it works because I want to make more. Something about building things just really makes me happy. But anyway I’m hoping God will help me in this crazy chapter of my life coming to a close and that I can make explorer as good as it was when I was a kid

  11. Well this week in physics sure has been stressful! Because of the play I’ve been missing classes and staying at the school until 10 almost every night this week, and it is sure taking a toll on me. I am so stressed about getting my lab write ups done before I leave for Jamaica, but I bet I can get it done at some point! I did get all my take home labs from this week done, which will relieve some of my stress during spring break. Although I am completely overwhelmed right now, I am so so excited for Jamaica and to see how God will use our team to work in the community there!

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