Chemistry 2-19-19 Quantum Numbers

CHEMISTRY: See what Bohr and Heisenberg’s work led to? Now you have the tools you need to determine where electrons are in an atom – but can you?!?

Here’s the vodcast from today on quantum numbers and the rules you’ll use to use them. Be sure and practice drawing the Aufbau Chart!! The good news – quantum numbers will begin making more sense when you started using them!

HOMEWORK UPDATE: You can hold off on #30 until tomorrow during class. You’ll do it then!

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2 thoughts on “Chemistry 2-19-19 Quantum Numbers

  1. This week in Chemistry, I would rate myself a 4/5. I did all of my homework and took good notes during class. I have to study for the test next Tuesday, but besides that I have gotten everything done. There is room for improvement though, like going to the help sessions and applying more when I study.
    sister signing off- <3 liv

  2. this week i would rate myself a 3/5. I understand everything we’ve learned this week. I know how to use the Aufbau chart and i’ve taken good notes. I’m going to start studying the end of this week for the test so i will be fully prepared!

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