4 thoughts on “Physics 2-4-19 Circular Motion

  1. Hello Ms. Skinner! What a week this has been! I’m still tickled pink that I won distance for the car race and my baby did great on the battles on the hill. My flying Ford Angelina did not disappoint me, and I had a great time getting her put together with my dad and getting to show her off to some people at church! Also, I’m thankful that so far I have not given myself or Katie a concussion during the centripetal force lab. I have given quite a laugh I’m sure to those who can see me. I’m glad almost wacking myself in the head can bring some joy to those around me 🙂 Looking forward to finishing it today and hopefully keeping my record of 0 concussions!

  2. I’m unsure if my last web post posted. I wrote a whole novel worth of text only for it to be presumably deleted. Anyway, I am relieved to be done with the mouse trap car project. Sunday night, it broke at like 10pm and I was stressing hard about it. When I finally collected my thoughts, I was able to fix the problem and have it run Monday. It was pretty fast, too, until it came face to face with Goldilocks, the destroyer of worlds. It flipped me over like it was nothing, breaking off one of my wheels in the process. With this handicap, it was unable to travel as well as normal. I’m glad I was able to get it to run, at least, as it was giving me issues as previously stated. I understand circular motion and the labs we are doing. I forgot my web post last week because even though I have told myself multiple times to place a weekly reminder on my phone, I have yet to do it. As a result, I got another zero. Anyway, I am excited for explore zone and am finally able to de-stress a little. Overall, I think this week went pretty well in Physics.

  3. I feel like I’m always saying this, but we had quite a week in Physics! With all the car deadlines, the centripetal force lab, and circular motion, it’s been a little crazy, but I’ve really enjoyed it! I always love when I see everyday applications of what we learn in class, and now I understand the concepts behind that centrifugal “force” when I’m rounding the cloverleaf ramp on the interstate on my way to and from school! I was also pretty proud of how I managed the KOH project timeline to where I was finished the car several days before the deadline and had several extra days for adjustments and “fine-tuning.” I had such a fun time putting it together with my uncle, and I felt so productive and smart when it actually ran haha! Even though my car definitely had some issues on racing day (go figure), man was I thankful for all my extra rubber bands and Sterling’s help to get my car through the competition!! (I promise it worked great every time I practiced at home!) Next time I’m ever building a physics car, I will not dismiss the thought of replacing my rubber band before race day, that’s for sure! Anyway, I’m starting to finally see, nearing the end of my time in high school, that sometimes, when I look past all the stress and anxiety, I am really learning and growing so much! This project (and week in general) has stretched me, and I’m so thankful for it! 🙂

  4. The KOH project was quite an undertaking, but I am so so happy with how my car turned out. It didn’t win anything, but I often struggle with these types of projects. I feel MUCH more confident about them after conquering this one- I think partly because I “failed” this one so many times while trying to build it. I’m getting used to that aspect of science, and I’m so grateful! I’m having some trouble with circular motion. It’s almost so simple that its difficult, if that makes sense, especially the conceptual things. I think I need to give myself s little more study time than usual to get it down!

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