Physics 1-30-19 Torque Problems

PHYSICS: How do you feel about the torque problems? Here’s the review of concepts and problems from class today and a look at putting rotational equilibrium together with translational equilibrium. The beginning of good times!

Physics 1-31-17 Torque Problems from Tammy Skinner on Vimeo.

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14 thoughts on “Physics 1-30-19 Torque Problems

  1. This week has been a bit stressful for me, but I think it ended alright. I have some new ideas for my car, so hopefully I can get that working. I feel like I grasp the concept of torque so far. Have a good weekend, Ms. Skinner!

  2. This week I rate myself a 4/5. I did okay on the test, but I could’ve done better. In order to do better next time, I am going to study more and farther in advance. I worked out problems to practice for the test which helped me better understand how to do them on the test. The lab in the dark was really fun and helped me learn about triboluminescence. Overall, this week was very good and I learned a lot through the labs, and I now know what to do differently to study for the tests.

  3. This week in Physics has been productive if I do say so myself! Going back to do test corrections during my study halls was very beneficial in helping me really understand what I missed and what I can improve next time! Momentum is mastered! I like torque, but I’m still not getting 100% of all the problems right. I think that it’s mostly careless mistakes though, so that’s good! I’m also looking forward to making all the final touches on my car and competing on Tuesday! 🙂

  4. I would have to say this week was pretty neutral. I wouldn’t say it was awful by any means, but the torque concepts are a little difficult (which is making the problems a little challenging), but I really didn’t miss that many. I was able to figure them out, I’m just not super confident in them. I would not be opposed to a help session!! But again, its not really bad… just not AMAZING.

  5. This week has been pretty good for me in Physics! I am determined to master both the conceptual and mathematical questions in the torque homework assignments, which I haven’t exactly been doing haha. I have trouble finding out how to draw certain problems, which definitely trips me up. But I think with enough practice and studying I will get it. I am also proud of myself for trying again to understand the concepts. After I did bad on yet another test last chapter, I was completely ready to give up, but I’m going to try again and try harder and maybe this time I will do better on the test. Even if I don’t, I am still happy with all the material I’m learning because even if it doesn’t show in my test scores, I am learning a lot from Physics!

  6. This week has been actually pretty relaxing– or at least not as stressful as normal! I think I’m getting torque for the most part so far! I think the main struggle is drawing it right… like the heavy end of the fishing pole isn’t talking about the gigantic fish hooked on the line but the reel 🙂 And remembering to factor in the fact that cars have 4 wheels not 2… so it’s been good so far, and hopefully it will remain so in the lessons to learn! I’m excited to be working on my car with my dad this weekend (and I think my dad’s pretty excited too! ) Happy Weekend Ms. Skinner!

  7. This week in physics was pretty successful. I did good on the test and I didn’t miss any of the math problems! The only thing that got me was the conceptual. I’m really proud of my physics car it worked great and I can’t wait to improve on it today. I’ve been understanding the torque problems very well. The conceptual problems are giving me a little trouble but no too bad so I should be able to get them down before the time of the test. Overall I’m pretty confident about my cars performance next week and what we are learning about.

  8. This week was OK in physics, like the calm before the storm. I want to lock down on conceptual stuff this weekend, but unfortunately I will b busy with car building. To negate careless errors on the next test, I plan on studying more than the night before as well as strengthening my base knowledge before attempting to dive head first into my studies. Only studying the night before(AKA procrastinating) really killed my grade on the last test, so I know for SURE now that procrastination is not an option if i want to keep a good average for this class. It bothers me that I was unable to ace the conceptual questions on the last test because i don’t want to just o well for the sake of it, but actually be able to apply all of the stuff we learn in class. I’ll make sure this doesn’t happen next Friday.

  9. This week in Physic was OK, but I plan to do better for the upcoming storm of next week. I want to make my car the swiftest in the class, but I need to work harder in considering its defense mechanisms tomorrow as well in its creation. It bothered me that I only aced the math questions of the previous test because I want to be able to apply my knowledge of Physics on a bigger scale than a homework problem in college. I won’t let procrastination or lack of effort hold back my next test grade or hopes for a high class average, and I look forward to proving myself next Friday.

  10. This week was a pretty good one. It was nice being cal, but I know it’ll get rough again here soon. Looking forward to finishing my car this weekend and making it the best it could possibly be. Look forward to seeing everyone else’s design come Monday.

  11. This week in physics was pretty good. I’m glad my car worked, but I’m going to try to make some adjustments on it to make it better. Thanks to seeing other cars and getting some suggestions from them, I think I can make my car less of a turtle. I’m glad we worked on the torque problems this week and I think I understand the conceptual material. I’ll make sure to look at the book a bit this weekend to make sure I understand it well.

  12. I enjoyed this week in physics! I feel like these torque problems are coming naturally to me surprisingly; it’s nice because all of them pretty much work out the same way (for the most part). Also, I was really happy with how my car run at the beginning of the week, and with a few modifications, I feel good about the king of the hill competition next week!

  13. This week has Been a good week. I’ve missed a majority of my homework problems which seems bad at first. But it’s really good because I’m missing them now and not the test. I’m proud bc I was able to fix the problems whether it was a simple mistake or I just didn’t know how to start it. I’m excited to finish my king of the hill car and I can’t wait To see what happens. I’m hoping to win the challenge but in all honesty I don’t have a cool car. Haha I sound like A little kid. I just really liked this project and can’t wait to see everybody else’s designs

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