Physics 12-5-18 Chapter 5 Problems Review – Pt. 1

PHYSICS: Tarzan and Jane and a look at a spring. Here’s our look at a couple of the problems from the end of this chapter – #41 and 49, I think.

Below are the answers to the Review Worksheet 2. Most were worked with g as 9.80 m/s2. Also, I think #19 must be at constant velocity.

Help session tomorrow morning, Thursday, at 7:20ish A.M. (By the way, I posted the help session from God bless you as you continue to prepare for the test! I’m praying for you!!!

3) 1090 J
4) 1350 J
5) 79%
6) 917 W
8) 9.57 kW
12) 420 N
14) 1300 J
18a) -125 N
18b) -2190 N
18c) 0.360
19) 4390 J (assume cart is moving at constant velocity)

Photo by Jason Leung on Unsplash

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