Hon Chemistry 12-5-18 Artificial Transmutations

HON CHEMISTRY: Wow! We made artificial elements! Well, on paper at least 😉

So you can take something that’s not radioactive and make it radioactive? Here’s the lecture on the uses of radioactive isotopes from Wednesday. We’ll finish the chapter with fission and fusion tomorrow!

Help session Friday, morning, 7:20ish A.M.

flickr photo by Serpa Júnior

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One thought on “Hon Chemistry 12-5-18 Artificial Transmutations

  1. This week, I have struggled with the amount of information we are learning. I haven’t been able to completely understand and grasp all the concepts. I am currently making a Quizlet for our test on Friday and reviewing all the information. I am going to work Half-Life problems and study until I know all the information and can work problems without trouble.

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