Hon Chemistry 11-29-18 Intro to Radioactivity

HON CHEMISTRY: Welcome to nuclear chemistry! No, really – I think you’ll be surprised how much nuclear chemistry is already a part of your everyday life. And now you know where E=mc2 came from!!

By the way, when you get a chance, read about the life of Marie Cure – fascinating woman of science with an incredible story!

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15 thoughts on “Hon Chemistry 11-29-18 Intro to Radioactivity

  1. This has been an intriguing week in chemistry; we have learned about quite a lot of interesting subjects. However, the more interesting the subject, the more difficult it is to understand. Due to this unfortunate correlation, it is imperative to develop a study plan for the upcoming chemistry exam, if a good grade is desired. My plan is going to be to start reviewing our notes this weekend and continue it through next week. As the week comes to a close, I am going to begin doing practice problems to ensure the math and chemical formula essentials have not fleeted from my mind. Finally, I am going to study everything I possibly can, starting Friday and ending Wednesday night. Hopefully, this will lead to a great exam grade and an overall good grade for the semester.

  2. My goal for this week is to survive the chemistry test next Friday. To do this I will definitely all of my homework, pay attention in class, and study A LOT for the test. The most difficult concept we’ve learned so far is radioactivity, so I definitely will be studying that a lot.

  3. My goal for the rest of this year is to finish strong. I am going to try and not let my grades drop before Christmas break. I am going to study and do my homework so that I can finish with the best of my ability.

  4. My goal is different for every time period of my life. In a few weeks? Do good on the exams. In a year? Graduate with high grades and with a skill set learned this year from all my classes. For my life? Get married and be happy with my life by growing in Gods word. Enjoy your weekend Ms. Skinner!

    • And I almost forgot! I plan to do all of this by completing all the homework and assignments to the best of my ability and for those things where I tried my hardest but still don’t feel like I did too hot… I am going to trust God.

  5. My goal is to end with an A for the semester in chemistry. I am going to try to achieve this goal by paying attention in class, doing all my homework, taking advantage of extra credit opportunities, and studying extremely hard for the upcoming test. I will also begin practicing and studying for the exam early to ensure I don’t have to cram in the days leading up to the exam.

  6. My goal right now in chemistry is to maintain my good grades in the class. My plan to accomplish this is to study for the upcoming test and exam as hard as I can. I’m going to make sure I spend time refreshing my memorization and reviewing old notes from previous chapters. As long as I do well on the upcoming labs and the chapter 3 test, I should be able to finish out chemistry with a high A.

  7. My goal for these last few week is to keep up my current Grade and improve it if possible. Starting this week end I’m going to watch some of the Vodcasts for the beginning of the year every night until the exam along with studying each concept so that I won’t be nearly as stressed the night before and I will be more likely to make a good grade

  8. For these last few weeks, my goal is to bring my test average up and finish the semester with a grade I am proud of. I plan to do this by figuring out some better ways to study, reviewing old notes, watching old vodcasts, and start studying earlier for the tests and the exam. Another goal is keep from stressing out so much over exams. I plan to do this by studying daily and figuring out what I need to do to take the three exams I will be missing early.

  9. The first item on my agenda is to look up and read some Bible verses and maybe a devotional or two that focus on the peace that we find through our relationship with Jesus. My goal is to stay calm and as unstressed as possible as I get through the next two and half weeks (and not pull out and/or lose all of my hair). This weekend I plan to begin studying and reviewing for the chemistry test on Friday, as well as, make a dent in all of the other upcoming tests, quizzes, homework and projects. In regards to exams, it is my goal, especially for chemistry and algebra, to do as many practice problems as I can while timing myself to simulate the actual exam. It would be tremendously beneficial if you could share with us the layout of the test (how many multiple choice, any matching, short answer, bmXL, ect.) to allow us to strategize and practice how to manage our time to ensure that we finish the exam. I wish to encourage (YALL CAN DO IT!!!!!) my friends even though I know I will hear them say that they give up and are ready to accept their failure about 347 times (they will all make As). I aspire to make an A on every exam but no matter what grades I make I will give God all the glory. (Also please pray that I don’t have any mental breakdowns.)

  10. My goal is to bring my grade up in honors chemistry. I will achieve this by fixing my studying habits, talking to my teacher, and most importantly working hard. I also would like to keep up with my classmates.

  11. My goal for the remainder of the semester is to finish strong. I plan to accomplish this by relooking over all of my notes to see what information needs to be refreshed. I will also make time to do practice problems related to the problems we have done in class and on the homework.

  12. My current goal in chemistry is to make a great grade on the upcoming test. In order to achieve this goal I plan to study differently from the last test. I am going to do more practice and application problems. I’m also going to really focus on not just knowing how but why. If I know why something works then I’ll be able to solve any variation of that problem. All of these strategies will hopefully help me to achieve my goal.

  13. My current two goals is to get back into the routine of things and make a good grade on the chapter 3 test. During thanksgiving break, I didn’t have any responsibilities for schoolwork, and this week I had to be reminded of what those were. I procrastinated a lot this week and didn’t get some of my work done. For the test I plan on changing my study habits. When I’m confused on something that everyone understands, I plan on asking questions, because it’s not helping me when I don’t ask them.

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