Chemistry 11-29-18 Percent Composition

CHEMISTRY: Great job with the different ways to look at percent composition! A little bit different lab procedure, huh?!! If you need to make it up, this lab is answered only on notebook paper – be careful to show correct data and calculations!

BTW – I think you’ll find that percent composition problems are really easy to catch on to. Make sure, though, you can write chemical formulas (I won’t give them to you!) and that you’ve memorized the formulas for acids and those chemical names for common substances so that you’ll have something to find the percent composition of!

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41 thoughts on “Chemistry 11-29-18 Percent Composition

  1. the goal i want to achieve is to make an A on a chemistry test. i know this is kinda basic but i really want to try to reach this goal. to achieve this goal, i need to start studying earlier and study more. also, i need to work on my memorization skills.

  2. To be honest, I’m not really sure if I have a chemistry-related goal currently. In the long-term, I would like to learn how calculus is applicable in chemistry, which I would assume would be in things like reaction rates and solubility rates, but I currently lack quite a bit of prerequisite chemistry knowledge, so I’m not sure as to the shortest path to learning these things thoroughly. I am about to attempt to learn some abstract algebra, which from what I’ve read has major applications in electron bonding configurations, but again I lack prerequisites and am not sure what they even are. While typing this post, I did think of one chemistry-related goal that I know how to achieve, and that is improving my scientific/mathematical handwriting. It is currently quite bad, and especially in chemistry where numbers are often associated with letters and/or words, it had very low readability. To fix this, I have been trying to slow down when writing, as well as emphasize differentiating characteristics of the letters/numbers. Hopefully, my handwriting will get better, but no promises.

    • This week, my main goal is to master percent composition. It will be important down the road so I think it would benefit me to be good at finding it. To do this I am going to continue doing my homework for extra practice and even practice on my own.

  3. my goal is to make a high B on the exam. to meet this goal i am going to study so much. i know i need to relearn all of the polyatomic ions, acids, and common substances because i have not been constantly looking over them. they are super easy to get confused and mess up so i need to review all of that as well as all of my notes and passed homework’s to help me get ready for the exam. hopefully i will do well!

  4. my goal this week in chemistry was to do pretty good in the labs. I think I accomplished that. now my main goal is to pass chemistry. I will try to do better in the work that I perform for chemistry. I rate myself a 4/5 this week.

  5. my goal is to finish out the year strong I know it seems simple but at this point everyones just ready for Christmas and don’t try as hard on thee school work witch hurts our grades a ton. I also hope to do better on my next chem text I plan to do this by studying doing to test prep multiple times and reviewing polyatomic ions, acids, and common substances because memorization stresses me out a lot.

  6. I know this seems really weird, but my goal is to get a star on the wall, which represents an A. It seems simple like a kindergartner, but for me it is a little reward. I plan to achieve this goal but studying harder and asking more questions. My second goal for chemistry to pull my grade up. Typically I have never had this low of a grade in any class in my lifetime, which is very disappointing, and though it isn’t horrible, it isn’t what I really want either. This could also be achieved by studying harder and asking more questions.

  7. my goal is to get an A in chemistry and im going to do that by paying attention in class, taking good notes, doing my best on all my work, and study as best i can

  8. My goal is to finish out this semester in chemistry on a good note and end with a good test grade. Doing these labs have helped me understand all the formulas we have been studying so going over practice problems will help me to end on a good note.

  9. My goal is to finish this class with a C. To do this, I’m going to study a lot for the upcoming test and exam and memorize acids and polyatomic ions.

  10. My goal is to make a high B or an A on the exam. I am going to have to REVIEW, REVIEW, AND REVIEW!!!!!! I need to look over all the elements, polytomic ions and everthing we have learned. I’m going to really need to buckle down and make sure I know the material backwards and forwards. I’m also going to need to ask God to get me through this time because I can’t do it without Him.

  11. My goal is to have a B or higher by the end of the semester in chemistry. I need to do my homework right after and study for the test coming up and the quizzes and when I feel all stressed I just need to pray and ask God to help me.

  12. Id say my main goal is to get an A in your class. Getting a good grade on the test would definitely help so thats part of my goal too. By studying and practicing I hopefully will achieve my goals. From reading other comments I have been reminded that I also need to ask God to help me understand and take in the information that I have not yet taken in.

  13. My goal is to finish out the semester strong and maintain a good grade in chemistry. I also want a good grade on the upcoming test so I need to study and memorize to achieve my goal.

  14. My goal for this year is to keep a B in chemistry and if possible, get an A. I believe this can be possible if I start attending help sessions, asking questions, and do the science in the news extra credit, because I most definitely need it. I really just want to walk out of chemistry this year and know that I really did my best and learned from my mistakes. Anyway, it’s a pretty basic goal, but chemistry is hard and a sister is kinda struggling, so yeah… have a great weekend!!

  15. My chemistry goal this year is to calm down and relax. Let be be honest chemistry is challenging and that’s good everyone needs a challenge but sometimes it is hard for me to just breathe so I’m going to work on that.

  16. My goal for chemistry is to study harder and not stress too hard about test and calm down and recall on the things I’ve learned from the past

  17. My next goal in chemistry is to make a good grade on this test. I would like to make at least a B on this next test. I really believe i can do really well on it because i know all that i need to memorize and how to do all the calculations we learned how to do.

  18. My goal in chemistry is to make good grades on my tests, exams, and project. To achieve my goal, I am going to work hard and practice things for tests so I can do well. I’m also going to put more effort into studying.

  19. My goal is to maintain a good grade in Chemistry and raise my grade instead of lower it. Also , I want to be the best I can be in labs and homework.

  20. My goal for chemistry is to honestly finish with a B or higher. How I will get that is by taking the best notes I can and paying attention heavily in class. I will also study hard and be ahead of the game. Also, I will ask questions when I need to.

  21. My goal is to get a B in Chemistry and i plan to do that by trying harder. And paying attention in class. And studying for tests

  22. My goal is to get a star on the wall before the semester is over. I’ve been understanding the percent composition formula really well and I feel pretty good about what we are learning right now. I hope to get an A on our next test.

  23. my goal is to study really really hard and do good on the exam. i have felt pretty good about this chapter and think i’ll do pretty well on the test next week, but i am kind of worried about the exam since it’s over everything. i will study really hard and study even harder for the things i had some trouble on and will hopefully do good.

  24. My goal is to get an A on the next test. To achieve this set goal, I am going to start studying and reviewing all the memorization. I am hoping my hard work will pay off and I’ll get a star on the wall.

  25. My goal next week is to be able to learn and apply all the formulas and information for the test. I hope to also try and not fall behind in Chemistry. I am going to try and do all my homework and make sure I understand and can apply the things we learn. I am going to try very hard to make an A on this upcoming test.

  26. A goal that has been planned on achieving is finishing the class with at least a high B. Its going to be hard but I control my own destiny. By achieving this goal I am going to call upon what we learn in class and apply it when the time to use it occurs. With this next test, I am going to study to the best of my ability and memorize to use Q formula. More practice = Better outcome on assignments.

  27. This week my main goal would have to be fortifying my Q-formula skills and learning how to never get percent composition wrong. I also have a goal to improve upon my chemistry grade and lab average for the 1st I plan just practice it and for the latter I will be studying and doing my homework.

  28. My goal for chemistry would be to learn the skills for later use in college or other areas of study. I hope to achieve this goal by always being on top of the game with homework and studying.

  29. my goal this nine weeks is to do better on tests. I always get a poor grade and am going to try to study in a different way and get a better grade.

  30. My goal is to is to do really well on labs and homework, and then try my best on test and finish with a mid C. To achieve this goal I will have to work very hard these last couple weeks to get it up a couple points and hold it there.

  31. My goal for the end of these nine weeks is to finish strong and make a good grade on the exam.. even though I didn’t do great the first nine weeks I’ve tried a lot harder this time and it is slowly paying off. I would like to make a decent grade on the exam and I know it will take hard hours of studying but am ready for it

  32. My goal is to make an A on one of your test to get a star on the walls. For the exam I’m going to try get a high B on it. To get the results I want I have to work harder on studying for the test and exams.

  33. My goal for chemistry and to pass and do my best and learn the formulas and things I need for college and the rest of high school, and to finish the year good. Didnt do too well the first semester so definitely feel like I can do better next 9 weeks, study harder, and finish all my homework will help

  34. My goal is to bring up my grade in the class before the 9 weeks is over. I have been spending a lot more time studying and working on homework than previous times before. I’m praying that I do well on the next test. I have been reviewing over the things that we learned earlier in the chapter to keep them fresh on my mind. I’m also trying to do better on memorazafion skikls, I have been studying them and will keep doing so.

  35. Honestly,my goals for chemistry are to finish this semester with a B or A. I hope to achieve this by working hard and studying. I believe my work ethic puts me at an advantage on this goal.

  36. My end goal for this nine weeks is to do well on this upcoming test. To achieve this I will have to study a little every day. I feel like I have a better understanding of the material we are covering than before which is why I know I can reach my goal if I work hard enough. It will require a lot of memorization and practice but I know I can do it if I put my mind to it.

  37. My goal that I’m working hard to meet, is to at least get a high B on a test. I’m not a great test taker and anything chemistry related don’t really sink in but I’ve been doing a lot better. I’m understanding more and studying more so I can understand the concepts. Also I want to make a good grade on the exam. Hopefully I will but I will definitely try my best. I’ll study and ask questions when I need help.

  38. My goal is to make the highest grades possible on my tests for the next two weeks so that I can bring my semester average up. I’m going to study longer and harder to achieve this goal.

  39. I have a few goals of chemistry but my first is to get better at being able to know formulas and information that is necessary to know off the top of my head without having to think. The other goal in mind is to not struggle with problems or let them intimidate me and be able to do them easily. These are my two goals of chemistry

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