Physics 11-28-18 The Work Energy Theorem & Conservation of Energy

PHYSICS: See?! I wasn’t kidding about the balancing rocks movement!

Great job today on making connections between work and energy! I think you’ll like using the work-energy theorem, it’ll save you some time and a couple of steps. Don’t forget about friction!

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11 thoughts on “Physics 11-28-18 The Work Energy Theorem & Conservation of Energy

  1. To be completely honest, I’m struggling quite a bit with the concepts of work and energy. When I’m given a formula and specific information, I can normally figure the problems out, but when the question asks conceptual information or asks applications about the relationships between work and energy, I am completely lost. The homework has also been pretty difficult, and I feel a little behind since I’m not understanding the concepts all too well… I’m definitely up for a help session just discussing conceptual information and application–I think I would really benefit from that! Or maybe if you could point me to some specific videos or vodcasts that discuss the concepts more in depth, I would love to look at those!

  2. This week has been really difficult. Wiith exams coming up and everything being due on the same day it’s getting pretty stressful. Im really struggling to understand the concepts of work and energy. Applying the concepts in homework and knowing what to do in the problems have been difficult too. I’m honestly not sure what I’m going to do but I’ll figure it out with Gods help.

  3. I am struggling! Can we please have a help session soon? These concepts are not coming easily to me, and I definitely need some extra practice and help. I am trying to be as diligent as I can with keeping up with reading and homework, and while I have managed to do so, all the college application deadlines, projects, lab reports, and essays due the next week or two are making that difficult as well. Hopefully soon I will have enough time to really sit down and walk myself through this chapter and try to figure it out. The homework has not come easy either.

  4. This week has been a stressful mess, but it’s Friday!!! I for sure don’t remember work and energy being this hard in Physical Science in 8th grade… I definitely am struggling more than I want to, and I’m pretty sure that I could only draw the given on at least 10 of the homework problems the other night (one of them I don’t even know if I drew it right…) A help session would be much appreciated! At least I can tell that I’m not the only one based on the other posts I’ve seen. Hopefully this weekend I can spend some time to review the concepts, though it is going to be a crazy weekend for me too, but what’s new?? Have a great weekend Ms. Skinner! 🙂

  5. This week sure is a difficult one! Just when I think I get done with one difficult week, another one begins. This week was stressful for reasons other than Physics though, so I can’t just blame the energy-work theorem haha. I was sick Wednesday night, causing me to get behind on homework, and I am flying out of town today which will also lead to more built up work. I am trying my hardest to stay on top of everything but time management skills are not exactly my gift. Let’s hope I can catch up this weekend and start over on Monday! (:

  6. I have had a really tough time with this chapter’s homework. I can’t grasp the conceptual questions and struggle with application. I’m planning on going back and rewatching the vodcasts to get a better understanding. Have a good weekend, Ms. Skinner!

  7. This was a difficult week. I am struggling with work. Uhhh… homework problems dealing with work. It is probably mainly me not conceptually understanding it all. Energy is also hard to work out. The week I felt like I was going to pull out my own hair. I haven’t been able to rework any of the questions on the test this week and I’m very disappointed. We finished the coefficient of friction lab so that’s a good thing. The only thing I can do now is watch the vodcasts and do my best.

  8. This past week has been interesting to say the least. Between all this physics homework an the comp paper, it’s been a struggle to stay on top of homework. It’s also been difficult to understand the concept of work problems and then apply those at home when working on homework. I plan I’m going this weekend and reviewing to see what I am missing and come back Monday better prepared. Have a great weekend!

  9. This week went by so incredibly fast! I am getting a little overwhelmed with all of the approaching deadlines coming up, such as getting my labs done as well as preparation for this next test. Also, I still do not feel comfortable with the mechanical energy problems quite yet. I guess I just need to practice them a lot until I truly have them down. Hopefully by midweek of next week I will be much more confident!

  10. This week in Physics, I have struggled with time management. I seem to be falling behind with all of my classes, and I just need to push forward. I still need to finish a couple of labs, and I need to rework a lot of homework. I am hoping that this weekend can be productive and I can catch up on what I have been slacking on. I also need to review some of the concepts we learned this week, as I am struggling with a few of the problems.

  11. This week I had a harder time in Physics. I understand all of the new things we are doing except where potential elastic energy is being solved for; The conceptual seems to be clicking, but that could be just a false sense of security. Next week, I have a basketball game the night before the test, leaving me no time to cram (like I guiltily do) for the test. While this is unfortunate, I am actually glad this is happening. If I study more than one night before a test, I feel more confident and secure in my knowledge of the chapter. Another thing I worry about with the upcoming test is careless errors. I keep making too many on the math problems because I feel I will run out if time if each got the attention I truly wanted to give them; I think the best way to fix this is to practice working the same type of problems in my homework in order to prepare for the time crunch. Thank you for reading this; have a great weekend!!

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