Chemistry 11-7-18 Oxidation Numbers & Pre-Test Quiz Info

CHEMISTRY: One man’s rust is another student’s lesson in chemistry! Great job today with oxidation numbers. Now it’s time to go and practice applying them!

God bless you as you study for the Chapter 7 Memorization Quiz tomorrow! You need to have memorized (and be able to use!!): polyatomic ions, monatomic ions (but you can get these off the periodic table), acids, prefixes, and how to write and name chemical formulas. Click here for a copy of the PERIODIC TABLE you’ll use on the test – if you want to practice using it on your own.

Need help? Help session tomorrow morning, 7:20ish 🙂

That’s a lot, but you can do it! And make double dog sure you are working hard at practicing it all now!!

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Physics 11-7-18 Friction & Forces on an Incline Problems Review & Help Session

PHYSICS: Boxes and block, all slipping and sliding… Is it starting to make a little more sense? Here’s our review of of some of the homework problems from today – #36, 40, and 41 (I think). Below the lesson for today is the help session from this morning. It has #46 – the “girl on a sled coasts down a hill” problem.

Here’s the thing. You can watch me or someone else do a thousand problems (okay, maybe not a thousand – but a lot!), and it won’t help. I don’t want you to copy what I do, I want you copy why I’m doing it. Make sense? You’re getting it…keep sledding and watch out for net forces!

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Help Session