Hon Chemistry 11-2-18 Percent Composition

HON CHEMISTRY: Great job today! Way to apply chemistry to your everyday life!!

I think you’ll find that percent composition problems are super easy to catch on to. First, though, be sure you know which “type” of percent composition you’re trying to fine. Also make sure you can write chemical formulas (I won’t give them to you!) and that you’ve memorized the formulas for acids and those chemical names and formulas for common substances. It’s just plug and play from there! 🙂

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Chemistry 11-1-18 Chemical Formulas Practice Homework

CHEMISTRY: Did you get the homework change yesterday? Your only written homework is to do the first two Chemical Formula Practice from sciencegeek.net that are listed on the bottom of the syllabus. Be sure and check the syllabus for how you are supposed to turn it in! Also a good idea to check the syllabus for the web post comment topic!

BIG UPDATE!! The Chap. 7 Memorization Pre-Test Quiz is moved to Thursday, November 8. The following will be on the quiz – monatomic ions, polyatomic ions, prefixes, and acids, AND Writing & Naming Chemical Formulas

Need help with chemical formulas? Help session this Tuesday morning, 7:20ish A.M.

Great job today writing and reading code! Do you think chemical formulas are kind of like code? And if you make one tiny mistake…..???