Chemistry 10-31-18 Homework with Chemical Formulas

CHEMISTRY: Does writing and naming chemical formulas tie you in knots? I hope today’s practice with homework helped!

Keep working on it – both practicing and memorizing polyatomic ions!!! That’s why it’s super important to keep up with your homework!! The knots are all going to come unraveled and you are going to master this!!

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45 thoughts on “Chemistry 10-31-18 Homework with Chemical Formulas

  1. I definitely learned a lot this week with the names and formulas. Also, I learned that I needed a new way to study when I took the polyatomic ion quiz-so that is helpful for the future. Overall, this week was about a 3.5 out of 5. There was definitely room for improvement but we are learning a lot of new things. I am sure I will start to get used to writing the formulas soon though, so no worries!

  2. This week i learned and memorized alot of new things, after not doing great on the elements i tried to make sure i studied longer and harder for the ions quiz, i came in confident but a little nervous after i couldnt think of what the answer to bicarbonate was. but overall i give this week a 4 out of 5 because i think ive been listening and understanding everything ive been taking notes on and listening to in class.

  3. Something I would reflect on is the last test and how I could of improved my grade. I made a lot of little mistakes that added up to a lot by the end of the test. I did not do as good as I thought I would of, but I still did pretty good. I would reflect on how I actually studied and how long I actually studied for. I could of done better if I would of took my time and look at my answers more carefully. Hopefully I do better on the next test!

  4. I would rate myself a 4 out of 5 for this week. I have been doing well at memorizing all of the information given to me. I have been practicing writing chemical names, formulas, and polyatomic ions. I can still use more practice though.

  5. something i reflect on is the last test and my grade on it, i feel like i prepared well and studied good and it paid off on the multiple choice section of the test, but then the elements came and i made a 50 on them. now looking back i wish i would have studied longer for the elements because if i had gotten them all right i wouldve made a 74

  6. This week i learned how to turn in a lab correctly and i took some good notes. I am proud that i put the effort in and studied for two hours but i was dissapointed with my results on my quiz. I would rate myself a 1/5.

  7. something i reflect on is not making a 100 on these memorization quizzes. Those are easy A’s and i keep forgetting to study for them. I made a 50 on this last one and need to do much better. I rate my self 2/5

  8. This week I put a lot of work into memorizing the polyatomic elements. I started studying Sunday night and continued through Tuesday night for our quiz Wednesday. Although I made two careless mistakes, I feel as though I memorized them well. Im also starting to get the hang of the chemical formulas and how to form them, although I am going to need more practice , I hope to do well on the pre test

  9. My reflection this week is memorizing the polyatomic ions. I should have started studying earlier than I did, instead of procrastinating. I started studying the night before instead of at least two days ahead of time. I did good, but hopefully I can get a 100 next time. I am doing good on the homework from this week, so I feel good about some of the pre-test.

  10. This week i rate myself a 3/5. I could have done better on the polyatomic ions quiz, but i was a little confused on the charges. I went back and watched the podcast and that helped a lot. I should have better prepared for the quiz by watching the podcast BEFORE the quiz instead of AFTER. Other than that, I have been really working hard to understand things in class so i don’t fall behind. 🙂

  11. Something i reflect on is the last test we took. I did not do very good, and i should have done a lot better. If i had done better on the elements part, then i would have gotten a better grade. I should have studied more and made sure i was ready for that test. Next time i will do better.

  12. Something I reflect on is the last test and all of the little mistakes that I made. Another thing that I reflect is the quiz and how I didn’t study until last minute.I still made a good grade but if I keep trying to memorize things last minute I am going to get behind.

  13. Something I could reflect on from this week is the polyatomic ion quiz. I was very nervous and overwhelmed studying over it, but after giving myself plenty of time to study i was able to memorize them correctly and make a good grade.

  14. This week I learned and memorized alot of things. I did not do so well on the polyatomic ions quiz. I should have studied longer and made sure to quiz myself over the materials. I will make sure to do better on the next quizzes. I give this week a 3/5.

  15. This week for my reflection I go back to the Polyatomic ions quiz and know I need to study another way and longer. I need to get my grade up and obviously the ways I’ve been studying are not getting the job done so I need to work on that. But overall I’d give myself a 3/5 because I understand how to write the chemical formulas and name them I just need to practice them and know them by heart.

  16. My reflection for this week is the polyatomic ions quiz. I was very nervous that I would not be able to learn them all but I set aside time to study and made a great grade. I would rate myself a 4/5 this week.

    • This week has been one of the better ones for me. I found out that I did well on the test which gave me a positive attitude but then I fell behind on some of the homework over the weekend which brought me back down to earth. I realized that I need to check the syllabus more to stay on top of things. I would give myself a 3/5 this week partly because this is my first webpost comment in 4 weeks.

  17. Something that I am reflecting on is the test from last week. Looking back at it I actually new a lot on it but instead of reading carefully I rushed and did poorly. I also wish I had studied way more for the ions quiz. I hope I can do a lot better before the semester ends.

  18. This week I’d give myself a 4.5/5. I did good on my lab and the polyatomic ions quiz, and I have a strong understanding of what we’ve been doing. The reason it’s not a 5/5, though, is because this week I made a bunch of small mistakes without thinking. Some, like putting a 4 instead of a 3 on the quiz, cost me some points, but mainly these mistakes just cost me time. I know that you usually tell us to do problems the same way every time, even if trivial, to prevent mistakes, even if it takes longer, but if I do that I find that I still make mistakes out of boredom, and it took longer. I guess that’s sorta what you mean when you say you want whatever our best is; sometimes, no matter how hard you study your grade can’t always get better. On a brighter note, I made a lot of progress this week. I studied a lot for a standardized test I’m taking Saturday, and I think I’ll do good on it. I also learned a lot of chemistry this week; now, I’m pretty proficient at problems involving precipitation reactions, basic acid-base reactions, and redox reactions, and I also just started learning about gases. I don’t really know how I feel about chemistry as a subject yet; reactions are like equations, but everything you can do with them seems to be completely arbitrary, whereas in math you can rigorously prove everything. It’s still much more fun than biology, but not nearly as cool as physics.

  19. I would definitely rate myself a 3 out of 5 for this week. I studied extremely hard for the polyatomic ions test/quiz, but I did’t do nearly as well as I should have. Overall, this week I have learned a lot though. Even though what we are learning is really difficult, I seem to be grasping it well enough to get the point, which is a start. I seemed to be confused on the order of the periodic table and the groups, meaning which group is -3,-2,and -1. After working and talking with you, though, I now understand that. Overall this week hasn’t been the greatest in grades and frustration levels, but understanding the topics is okay. Hope for a better rest of the week.

  20. i rate myself a 4/5 this week, which is very rare. but i think i have done very well this week. i made a 100 on the polyatomic ions quiz and i completely understand everything we are learning in class. i was in IPC last year and we learned all of the elements and some of the stuff we are learning now, so i was very pleased with this week. hopefully next week will be even better !

  21. This week I would rate myself a 4/5. I have been doing extremely well learning and catching to the ion chargers and polyatomic ions. I also have reflected on how just a little study each night will pay off. After I found out my test grade I was a little bit discouraged, but I realize that it is only the being of the nine weeks and I still have plenty of time to pull my grade up to where I would like it to be.

  22. I rate myself a 4 out of 5 this week. I memorized the polytomic ions very well and I did very on the test. I also picking up and understood chemical formulas very well.I did really good on the chemical formula practice in class on thursday. I probably need to look over and keep studying the poltomic ions to be ready for the next quiz.

  23. I rate myself a 4/5 this week. I studied very hard for this past test we had i now realize that it might be the way i am studying, since you cannot study for every subject the same way i need to figure out a way that will work for me.

  24. this week i would rate myself a 3/5. i give myself this rating because i did not do so great on the polyatomic ions quiz, but i do understand the chemical formulas very well and i think i finally figured out how to use the roman numerals while naming the chemicals.

  25. A Poff C2

    This week i would rate myself a 3/5. looking back on the week learning how to balance chemical formulas came to me pretty quickly, learning the polyatomic ions was kind of a struggle but after studying a while, i think i finally got it

  26. this week i rate myself a 3/5. i definitely could’ve done better on my test. i did pretty good on the memorization questions but i just need to learn how to apply it better. i also learned that i need to study the polyatomic ions more. i thought i had them memorized but then when i got to the quiz i got all confused. i had the letters right but i got the numbers mixed up. this week, i learned that i need a new way of studying and memorizing things.

  27. Looking back on this week I would rate myself a 4/5 because I have been getting back on track with work and have printing off the sheet that I needed to study for the quiz.

  28. This week I rate myself a 4 out of 5 because I made a good grade on my polyatomic ions quiz but I didn’t do so well on my test. I did my test corrections, though, and I understand why I missed the questions on the test.

  29. This week’s reflection is about the Polyatomic quiz. I’ve learned that the way you study for things ultimately affects how you learn. Studying in advance also helped me understand them a little bit better. I rate myself about a 3/5.

  30. Reflecting on this week I have learned how to not study and found a way that may help me better. I have also learned to get more sleep because all in all it helps with grades. I rate myself 2/5 stars.

  31. I would rate myself a 2/5 this week , I think I did well on the online practice and the test in general , I really need to finish these homework’s and memorizations questions and quizzes better , overall I think i need to change the way in studying to improve my grade

  32. I would rate myself a 2/5 for the week I didn’t take advantage of studying for the memoraztion quiz well and my grade reflected that, need to get to class on time and turn in homework as well did think I learned the formulas and did the practice games well though

  33. this week I can reflect on my ion quiz grade and learn how to hopefully do better. I rate myself a 3/5 this week like every week.

  34. Something i would reflect on from this week is how well i did on the polyatomic quiz because i started studying on Sunday night. Studying a few days earlier actual helped much more and i will do that more often now. I also didn’t have a problem on figuring out how to write the chemical formulas so i think I’ve got that down.

  35. This week I felt like I understood the formulas and how to write them when we worked them in class. That made me feel better about the homework we had this week and be able to get it done faster than I normally can. I rate this week a 3/5 just because I was stressed at the beginning of the week but it got better towards the end of the week. I’m hoping to continue understanding this chapter the way I have been.

  36. For my reflection I would give myself a 4/5. I studied ahead and that paid off because I did well on my polyatomic quiz. This week I practiced the charges of the ions and now I understand them better. Also, doing the test corrections made me see how many small mistakes can add up and now I understand that I need to take my time and check or those errors.

  37. My reflection for this week is the test we got back this week. I would rate myself a 2/5 for it. I didn’t do too bad, but I thought I did a lot better. I could have studied more and really focused on my notes to study. To take better notes, I need to start highlighting them so it’s easier to study.

  38. This week I would rate myself a 4/5. I studied hard for the test and I feel I did pretty well on it. The hardest thing about this week was doing the chemical formulas, but once I understood how to form them it wasn’t too bad. I did good on my Polytomic Ion quiz. So that was encouraging. I hope to do well on the Pre-Test Thursday.

  39. My reflection for this week is when we took the polyatomic ions quiz, which I did alright on but I know I could’ve done better. I studied for a while the night before, but I know I would’ve excelled if I had started studying beforehand. I rate myself a 3/5 this week. Guess I need to start studying earlier. ;D
    PS: Learn something new every day, even if you have to learn it the hard way.

  40. my reflection this week would have to be about studying for quizzes and doing the homework this week the formulas and stock system names were hard at first but after a little practice and studying it came easy to me

  41. this week I have learned a lot and understood the lessons really well. I feel good about the chemical formulas and I did pretty good on the poly atomic ions quiz. Getting our test back also helped me see how I need to study for future tests and quizzes and how I can help myself prepare for them

  42. For reflecting back on this week, I have learned that chemistry can be fun– like the lab with the dots, I am not the greatest speller– referring to the polyatomic ion quiz (that I missed three on lol), and that I need to take more detailed notes and set more time aside to study because I should have made a better grade on the test. Also, I am glad to say the chemical formulas are starting to stick with me and I’m understanding this chapter more than the others. Hope to bring up my grade soon with the pretest. Overall the week was a 4/5. Have a great weekend!!

  43. Reflecting back on this week, I rate myself a 3/5. Chemical formulas were the easiest thing for me because I have worked with them before it not to this extent. They really stuck with me and I just have to train myself to simplify them when they should be simplified. I’ve also decided to fix my studying schedule and find a different way to take notes for polyatomic ions. Knowing that I need some work because my quiz grade wasn’t good, I will now study them every day. Also I need to work on my lowercase letter on my element symbols. I write my letters pretty big but I’ll have to always look over my lowercase letters.

  44. I would rate myself a 3/5 this week because as I reflect on what I did this week I see where i messed up and could of done better mainly on my polyatomic ion quiz I still did ok but I know I could of done better. I also should slow down when doing my homework I normally just rush through it to make sure I have it for the next day and don’t learn anything from what I have done.

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