Physics 10-25-18 Another Look at ZORBA

PHYSICS: Awesome job working the Zorba problem a different way today. Loved, loved, loved watching you brainstorming, collaborating, and applying information you’ve previously learned!!

Now…can you go and do the Zorba problem on your own?

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11 thoughts on “Physics 10-25-18 Another Look at ZORBA

  1. Okay, Zorba was slightly frustrating this week. I kept getting SUPER close to the answer, but then I would get lost about what to do with the numbers I had, or I couldn’t find the relationship between some of the numbers. I think I need to figure out how to work it in a more organized way, because my biggest struggle right now is getting lost in all my work. I’m going to keep practicing! I also definitely need to finish up my labs, but I haven’t had free period all week (which has been a LITTLE overwhelming). I will get them done next week though!

  2. I am having some problems with the conceptual stuff but I think if I practice I’ll get it. I need to finish up my labs and need to be calm. Don’t get frustrated Tina. I did this from the football field just for fun.

  3. This week I feel like I did really well. I starting to think that any problems with a name scare me more than they probably should. I know all I have to do is just think my way through them and take my time.

  4. This week has gone well. The new problems that we are doing I’m really understanding and grasping the concepts. The only thing I’m struggling with are the the labs. I’m behind on three of the labs and I really need to catch back up. I’m struggling to come up with a way to do the inertia lab balanc le without a slow low video!!! But I’m going to work even hard to catch up and find the solution!

  5. This week has been quite difficult with the worksheets and everything. However, I did succeed in doing Zorba so that is encouraging! I think to keep myself on top of things for the rest of the chapter is too not get discouraged when I am confused.

  6. I have really struggled with Zorba this week. I kept forgetting what I was doing in the middle of the problem and messing everything up. I also am behind on my labs. Next week I am going to work hard to get caught up.

  7. This week in physics was great. I was stumped at first on many of the equilibrant problems, but after reworking them I soon figured them out! I was able to solve Zorba as well! I was very proud of myself for figuring that problem out, and hopefully the problems on the test will come to me even quicker!

  8. This week was very fun because we got to do a Science in the News, make up labs, and work out difficult problems. My favorite part of the week was talking about Sorva though, and I can’t wait to figure that problem out myself. The most significant thing I learned this week is that I need to keep up with my assignments on a more consistent and earlier basis. Doing those will make me excel in this class. Also, the test is in less than three weeks, which is both nerve wracking and exciting to test my knowledge. I can’t wait to learn more fun stuff about Newton!!

  9. This week in Physics, I enjoyed seeing the demonstrations of physics with the wooden circle with the marker and the broom hitting the pie pan that had the eggs on top. These were both great visuals for Newton’s laws of Physics. I understand Zorba and have excelled at the problems this week. Moving forward, I need to manage my time better, as I have to catch up on labs.

  10. This week was full of achievement. I was able to learn how to do the Zorba problem and I know ho to apply it now. I’m confident that im going to be able to work these problems when they come on the test. I am trying to finish two of my labs before they are due. Besides the labs I feel like physics is getting a lot better for me. I am setting a goal to get 5 pts higher for my average this nine weeks.

  11. Let me begin with a big thank you for not giving a lot of written homework this week!! With the English research paper and what seems like a billion other things going on, it was nice to have a bit of a break in that regard and to instead learn new things through hands-on labs in class! The Capstone lab was a bit tricky to figure out at first, but once we got a feel for the software and “smart” lab materials, it became more doable. I am a bit behind in lab write-ups, but I plan on finishing those asap and practicing more force problems over the weekend! 🙂

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