Physics 10-22-18 A Gorilla, a Woodpecker & a Look Toward ZORBA

PHYSICS: Did you see it? It’s a gorilla… in a hammock!! Here’s our walk through the gorilla, the woodpecker, and a great preview for the Zorba problems today. Question – were you doing more than just watching me work through the problems? Were you brainstorming, applying information you’ve previously learned?!? That’s what it takes!

Now you try it! Go conquer the Zorba problem!!

Answers for the Equilibrants II worksheet are below:

  1. Fn = 3430 N upward against feet
  2. Fn1 = Fn2 = 1890 N upward on each foot
  3. F forward = 4.59 N
  4. T1 = T2 = 1760 N
  5. T1 = 1360 N and T2 = 680. N

Photo by Jaroslava Petrášová on Unsplash

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2 thoughts on “Physics 10-22-18 A Gorilla, a Woodpecker & a Look Toward ZORBA

  1. This week in Physics was pretty good! I stayed on top of homework and Science in the News, and I was able to tackle most of the equilibrant problems on worksheets I and II (except Zorba…) Now that I know how to find the correct angles for Zorba, I am going to give it another shot! The balloon thLab was lots of fun, and I’m excited to discuss the results in class. I really like this unit so far, and it makes a lot more sense to me, which is always good! My group is meeting tomorrow to redo the Inertia lab–hopefully our new ideas help!

  2. Well Ms. Skinner, today was definitely a struggle as you could tell. ZORBA is starting to make more sense, but I know I will need to practice, practice, practice, and have a help session too! Hopefully I can nail down ZORBA pretty soon so I won’t get caught behind. I think the main problem is that it is just a different way of thinking that I’m going to train myself how to do. It is a relief though that I understood Equilibrant Worksheet I and figured out what I did wrong on Worksheet II.So really it’s just ZORBA… Now I just need to get caught up on all these labs!!!! 🙂

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