Chemistry Chapter 1 Pre-Test

CHEMISTRY: Here’s the Chapter 1 Pre-Test. Fill in your answers below. When you are finished, be sure and click Submit and check to see which ones you missed.Check the syllabus for the due date. Let’s see what you know! 🙂

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Chemistry Chapter 1 Pre-Test

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22 thoughts on “Chemistry Chapter 1 Pre-Test

  1. This week, I struggled with procrastination and laziness. Sometimes, I know what I have to do, but it’s a struggle to actually start doing it. This week, in chemistry and other classes, I procrastinated a lot of my homework all the way up to the period it was due. I knew I had to do my homework, but I just had trouble starting. From past experiences, I know that this causes my homework to be sloppier and not a true representative of what I know. Nonetheless, it is still a difficult internal struggle to try and stop procrastinating, and, somewhat ironically, I have been procrastinating stopping procrastinating. If I’m being honest, I’m not sure as to how I’ll remedy remedy this, but I’m going to try to take it one day at a time, one struggle at a time. Thus, every struggle I procrastinate dealing with will cause a domino effect resulting in numerous other struggles being procrastinated, and hopefully the cumulative bad consequences from all of them will prevent me from procrastinating. Only time will tell, though, as to whether any significant change will take place in my procrastinative habits.

  2. A struggle i had this week was the elements quiz. i studied for a good while but when it came time to take the quiz i forgot some of them and completely forgot some of the harder ones. next time i will study harder and make sure i know all of them.

  3. This week I struggled with listening. I would easily get distracted and could not keep my attention on what was happening at the moment. I will try and better myself by limiting my distractions and trying to focus on you while you are teaching.

  4. This week I struggled with getting everything done. Thursday night, I forgot to print out a lab sheet and I had to get to school early Friday morning to print it. I also struggled with the lab on Monday and Tuesday. My group did not get the salt sample out bc we didn’t start the evaporation process soon enough. I need to plan better from now on.

  5. I struggled with time managment this week. I struggled in both labs and I got really stressed out. I waited till the last minute to start evapoating the salt in the mixture of seperations lab. I also got really stressed out with the computer in the lab on Thursday and Friday. But, I’m working on not waiting until the last minute to do things. i’m also going to work on having patience with computers in the future. I need to be on top of things next time.

  6. This week I feel that I was triumphant over studying for all of my chemistry tests and quizzes. I made a good grade on the test after studying really hard, and I think I did good on the quiz today. I am going to continually work hard in order to not only improve my chemistry skills but also to prepare myself for college and more advanced classes in the future. All and all, I am proud of myself for all the work I’ve put in this week, and I will definitely continue this “winning” streak.

  7. This weeks struggle was Time management. I should have managed my time better in the separating mixtures lab. I feel that if I had set a schedule for myself and told myself I would be done with certain steps at certain times I would have finished. Next time I will set a schedule for myself.

  8. This week I struggled with paying close attention to directions. On the lab today, we started the graphing online without finding the mass of the weigh boats beforehand. So we had to restart. We still had plenty of time to finish the lab though and to do it correctly. I should pay closer attention and double check to make sure I’m doing the right step. I could also highlight each step the night before to make sure I don’t skip any.

  9. This week I struggled with listening and reading directions I got distracted a lot and I would see if I could do it without reading the instructions, which wasn’t the smartest play. It helped me mess up important things like labs and homework.

  10. One triumph I had this week was keeping up with all of our “its.” While I was really stressed at first, neither of the its were as bad as I thought they would be. This week taught me to not freak out and turn a simple assignment into a big deal. A lot of times with homework and tests I stress about them until I’m doing more harm to myself than good. Hopefully this week taught me to avoid getting too stressed out and overwhelmed.

  11. This week I struggled with time management. We didn’t finish our separating mixtures lab and didn’t end up getting our salt. Next time I definitely need to watch the time more and make sure I have a plan for the lab.

  12. Time management was my struggle for this week. The lab from Monday and Tuesday really frustrated me because I didn’t get my salt in time. I believe my partner and I lit the Bunsen Burner too late and we just ran out of time. After the time was up, our salt water had full evaporated and we had salt but the time was unfortunately up. Although we didn’t get salt, that was a learning lesson to manage your time better and know how long your steps will take. In the future I will carefully manage my time for the next labs.

  13. This week I struggled to balance studying for my elements quiz and all of my other homework. I also struggled with the separation of mixtures lab we had. I hope to be able to manage my time better and stop procrastinating my work as much as I have been.

  14. This week I struggled a lot with time management. The separation lab was very very stressful. I kind of knew what I needed to do for the lab, but I spent too much time doing the different things and didn’t have time to separate the sand. The Sparkvue lab was different though. I did a whole lot better on time because I read the lab thoroughly and asked you any questions I had at the beginning of class instead of during the lab. In the future, I will definitely be making sure I know what I am doing before I start a lab, and I will definitely be watching the clock when I do it!

  15. This week my biggest struggle was managing my time. I found it difficult to keep up with chemistry and my other classes at the same time. As a result my element symbol quiz and my mixture separation lab did not turn out as well as I would have hoped. I will try to use this weekend to my advantage so that I can do better next week.

  16. For this week my biggest struggle was time management, especially with the “Mixture Separation” lab. The lab will certainly not be my best this nine weeks, for I did not finish, and I only got to turn in three of the four samples. To keep from running out of time and having this happen again I should check the time more often and set alarms during labs. I should also work more independently instead of doing the same as my lab partner when having a lab like this. I will take it to heart to manage my time more carefully for oncoming labs. Have a great weekend!!

  17. This week my biggest struggle was the Mixture Separation lab. I did not manage my time well on the lab and that caused my lab to be incomplete. I did not plan far enough ahead to make sure i did everything in the lab correctly. Also i struggled with procrastination and not wanting to do most of the assignments.

  18. This week I struggled to stay on top of tings, not just in chemistry but a few of my classes. I was not doing my home work like I should at home instead I was doing it that day in another class. I am going to fix that in this up coming week by making sure I have read the syllabus before the week starts and I am ready and prepared a head of time. I am going to study very hard for this test and for the next elements quiz. Also i fell asleep multiple times in other classes. I am praying that God will help me and give me the rest i need to stay awake and stay on top of things.

  19. This week I struggled with time management. I had a game on Thursday and I was not finished studying for the quiz. I feel like I could have done better.

  20. This week, I struggled with the “Its”. I always feel the need to overthink something that is simple. I look for hidden layers that are simply not there. The coding a human assignment was very basic, yet I managed to transform it into a full-on stress fest.

  21. I struggle this week with taking notes and my element quiz. My element quiz I just second guessed my self and my notes everytime I would go cowrite something I would end up taking to long and missing other important thing. I plan to improve theses by for the elements quiz making flash cards to study better and for notes to just listen in class and at the end write down things.

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