Chemistry 10-17-18 Energy (And Updated Syllabus)

CHEMISTRY – Happy Day!! You just took the last notes from the chapter, now it’s time to go apply what you know!!

UPDATED SYLLABUS – Have you printed and checked it? Super important for new info.

Great review today! So can energy be destroyed? Good job on tracing the energy transformations from one form to another. Applications, applications! Make sure you can apply what you learned today – on the test (and in life!). Did I mention that already?

Hey, have you had a chance to check out the chapter 1 study suggestion sheet? Let me know if there is anything you need help with before the test! (And you’re still learning the symbols of the elements, right?!?) 🙂

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46 thoughts on “Chemistry 10-17-18 Energy (And Updated Syllabus)

  1. This week my biggest struggle was definitely the mixture separation lab. My partner and I did not finish in time, because we underestimated how long it would take to evaporate the salt water. I was very upset with how our lab ended. But, to fix this from now on I am going to try my best to manage time in the lab better and a lot a certain amount of time for each part of the labs to hopefully help us.

  2. The biggest stuggle for me this week was memorizing the elements and their symbols. I tend to fade away while studying but from now on I will keep myself focused on what needs to be done.

  3. My struggle this week was the mixture separation lab and fully understanding the chapter 1 lessons. My lab partner and I didn’t get all of our samples completely pure, so I’ve been worried about what our grade for the lab will be. I also don’t fully understand all of the stuff we have learned in chapter 1, so I need to study hard for the test Tuesday and watch the lecture videos on the website so I can do well on the test.

  4. I struggled this week with separating the poppy seeds in the mixture separation lab. After my plan failed i had to re do it but first think and ask others questions about the way they did it i then tried it a second time and got it

  5. This week I rate myself a 4/5. When we had to collapse a water bottle, it was frustrating on how to create a process to do it, but it made a lot of sense once I figured it out. The activity on Wednesday with our steps and instructions seemed difficult at first, but it was really easy and simple once I figured out what i needed to do. The activity was very fun. Also, I feel pretty good about the quiz tomorrow on the polyatomic ions. I have continually been studying every day this week, and I am confident that I should do well on this quiz. Overall, this week has been really good, and I have understood everything we have done.

  6. A struggle that I have had this week was when we came to our lab station for the second day of the lab, the people in the period before us overlapped their tape onto ours. When we took the tape off of our reaction plates the tape that was attached to ours pulled up really fast and caused our sample to go everywhere. Even though we had this struggle, we ended up separating it back into iron filings and the seeds using the magnetic and continued on with the lab

  7. This week my struggle was keeping up with the time. I think I am getting better with time management but there is still a lot of room for improvement. I struggled with time in the lab mostly, expecially at the end.

  8. My struggle this week was managing our time well during the separation lab. we didn’t get very far the first day and had to do a lot the second day of the lab with little time. However we did finish and turn it in on time so i’m happy about that.

  9. A struggle for this week was the mixture separation lab. My partner and I got all of substances separated and turned in in time, but our salt looked more like sand than anything else. Going into the lab I thought it was going to be pretty easy , then when we got started on it, I realized it would take a lot more time to do each one. I am also worried though that are substances are pure enough. Overall this lab taught me things I need to work on like managing my time and being more prepared for the labs.

  10. This week my biggest struggle was with the lab. Going into the lab I thought it was going to be a lot easier than it actually was. My lab partner and I were able to get the iron out fine but then we poured the mixture into water and it was hard to separate the mixture after that.

  11. My struggle this week was with the mixture separation lab. My lab partner and I managed our time better on the first day then the second day and we didn’t get enough of one sample into our plates, so I am very curious to see what that grade will be. The next time we have a lab I will learn to do it quickly and carefully so that me and my lab partner can get a good grade and finish on time.

  12. This week seemed like a true struggle, but it seems to be looking up. I started off the week by not fully being able to complete the lab. I think that was because we were a little confused at first, and we also added to much water when trying to evaporate. This could be fixed by just learning from mistakes and overcoming the frustration. Also, I’m not the greatest person with technology, so I was a little confused on the SPARKvue assignment, but after many trials we were able to complete it. This could also be fixed by not letting frustration overtake me in times of struggle. Hope I have a great last day of the week!

  13. My struggle this week was time management whenever we were finishing putting our samples in the reaction plates my partner and i had lost track of time and forgot to put our tape on our reaction plate. Overall this lab has taught me that any little “detour” can mess up how much time we will have for the lab and that i need to be more on top of my time management.

  14. I rate myself a 3/5 this week. The collapsing a bottle lab was difficult at first, but once we figured it out, it was pretty fun. During the activity where we wrote a code to direct our lab partner, I stressed over it way to much and ended up messing up pretty bad, I learned that I need to remain calm and thank about things more instead of stressing out and panicking. I was worried about my test grade but i was super happy with my grade on it.

  15. This week I triumphed with IT… and IT Part 2… and struggled with IT Part 3. IT part one wasn’t that bad because I almost immediately knew what steps I had to follow to get the results I needed, and I won the competition. IT part 2 was also very easy for me because I understood what was required and knew that I needed to get started quickly in order to finish in time. IT part 3 was where things got difficult. What was difficult for me was the desks that were there but weren’t really there. If I would have slowed down and paid attention to the conversation that was going at the time, I would have heard that they were being moved and I wouldn’t have been freaking out trying to change my “code”. All in all, I believe it has been a good week.

  16. A struggle I had this week was trying to get every substance in the lab to be pure. Also when evaporating I had to make sure that there was enough salt left for the samples we had to give you. I’m pretty sure me and my partner did good though so it really wasn’t that hard.

  17. This week i felt i really struggled with the mixture of substance lab. This lab was difficult for me because i felt like i didn’t do a good job managing my time and i think we might of burnt the salt…but other than those minor inconveniences, i feel good about the grade you will give me and my partner.

  18. My struggle this week was the elements quizzes and separating the poppy seeds from the sand. I did not prepare properly for the quizzes and need to improve on knowing not the put two letters when there is one. I think if I study more that i can improve tremendously in the class and know the elements easily.

  19. I struggled with the mixture separation lab on day one. On day two I was more prepared and knew what I was supposed to do. I think my partner and I did well. I have struggled with studying for the test this week, but this weekend I will give myself time and not rush while studying.

  20. This week I struggled with learning the elements. I did not do very well on the elements quizzes. I hope next week I can try harder.

  21. This week, I struggled with comprehending the labs. After I reviewed over it multiple times, I understood fully and went headfirst into each one. The separation lab was fun but stressful due to lack of preparation on my part. I did great on each element quiz, and will continue to review that. However, I am still struggling with being overwhelmed at a first look at the syllabus.

  22. This week, I struggled with the mixture separation lab because me and my partner didn’t have a plan going into the lab, but we managed to get back on track and finish most of the lab.

  23. This week, I struggled with the lab of separating the four mixtures because going into the lab I did not communicate with my partner the plan I had in my head and became extremely frustrated, but once we talked it out the next day we were able to correct our mistakes and complete the lab. In the future, I intend to communicate with my lab partner and talk it out when we come to an disagreement during the lab.

  24. This week I struggled with the mixture separation lab. My Lab partner and I had a tough time getting our mixtures completely separated. The first day we did not get much done, but the second day we got much more done. We did not come up with a great plan and next time I will plan more carefully what we are going to do. Me and my lab partner also did not manage our time as well as we should have. Next time I will be sure to manage my time more efficiently and spend more time coming up with a well thought out plan.

  25. This week was a really good week! I rate it a 4/5. My lab partners and I sucsessfully designed our own experiment to collapse the water bottle, and we also collapsed it using your way, Ms. Skinner! The coding lab was also fun, although the person following my instructions did not make it out the door. I felt triumphant the day we got the grades of our test back. I scored better on this test compared to the last. Because of the way I have changed my studying skills, I am glad to see an improvement!

  26. This week i struggled with the seperation lab. Me and my lab partner did not have very good time management. We also had a very rough time getting the salt but we managed to get it at the last minute. In the future i will make sure i watch the clock very diligently so i know what time i have to do my labs.

  27. My biggest struggle would have to be time management. Not only in labs and in class but home. I need to better schedule my days so that I have a time to do hw so I can do better for the rest of the nine weeks.

  28. Struggle this week was having enough time to get everything done on labs and getting homework very late at night. Plan to fix this by getting better at looking how much time and stuff we have to do on the labs and get my homework done early to get to sleep.

  29. My struggle this week was making sure I was doing the lab the correct way. Too many times this week I wasted time on a lab just because I had to do a trial or two over again. I plan on in the future to look closely at the instructions and clues given to help speed up the process.

  30. My struggle this week was the mixture separation lab. We did not know how to start it but once we did, we finished on time.

  31. My struggle for this week was the mixture separation lab. It was pretty easy until I had to remove the seeds. I thought they would float because of their density but not all of them floated. But after I got them out the lab was easy and went by pretty fast.

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