Chemistry 10-2-18 Properties & Changes

CHEMISTRY: So how do you know if something is a physical or a chemical change? Applications, applications! Make sure you can apply what you learned today. Ditto on the law of conservation of mass.

Don’t forget that we will do the thLab: Candle Observation in class tomorrow. Make sure you have a printed copy!

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129 thoughts on “Chemistry 10-2-18 Properties & Changes

  1. This first nine weeks was a struggle. On top of coming to a completely different environment and dealing with the like, chemistry was knocking me down. This was mainly due to me not knowing how to do work how it should properly be done. One triumph: I’ve learned the importance of studying and staying on top of things. There were triumphs such as doing well on all of the labs and lab reports. I got all of the work done that I should’ve gotten done, i.e. homework. Except for like one web post but it’s alright. My GPA is still high and I hope it continues to slay. I’ve learned to manage my time.

  2. My triumph from last nine weeks was learning how to do and turn in the last few lab we had. I also triumphed in refreshing my memory of the unit we tested on. Also did very well on my test and some of my lab because I’m not that good at labs but I did better this nine weeks.

  3. My triumph for the 1st term is that I have done better in chemistry and all of my classes, in general, than I was expecting to do. There is still room for improvement in all of my classes but I have been doing pretty well. I’m definitely going to work harder on labs and making sure they are set up correctly when I turn them in.

  4. This nine weeks I felt like I triumphed in learning what I need to do for this class to succeed and get a decent grade. I have seen what your tests are like and what your standards are for homework/lab assignments and hope that every day I can improve on these to further boost my grade. I feel like if I take what I learned from this past nine weeks I will be able to get the grade I am looking for.

  5. My triumph of the 1st term is doing my homework and taking time on it instead of rushing through it and taking a F. Now I how learned how to manage my time wisely and set aside time for me to do my homework and yet still have fun after school.

  6. This 9 weeks has proven to me that chemistry will not be an easy class. I have never had to work harder to succeed in my time as a student. Still I had plenty of good moments. I was able to do well on all my homework. As the year really got started I was able to do consistently well on homework. It helped give me a good understanding of the material and improved my grade.

  7. This first nine weeks was hard for me because I missed a lot of class. Now that school golf is over with I wont be missing class now for school matches so that’s good and I’m excited for that. I think I triumphed in catching up from stuff I missed this first nine weeks because it was a struggle to come back and make sure everything was caught up with and turned in. I’m excited for the second nine weeks!!

  8. My triumph for the first 9 weeks would be that I am finally getting a hold of all the equations and how to do them. I feel That through the struggles I am learning how to not get really upset and that have a calm state of mind saying I can Do it. I have also learned to be more excited about chemistry. Chemistry is only as good as you make it. I will contenue to learn

  9. This past quarter, one of the triumphs I had was studying for test and making good grades on them. Another thing i did well was learn how to turn things in correctly.

  10. My triumph for this term is that I did well on the tests and quizzes. I also understood lessons, studied hard, and did my labs correctly. I did well and got the grades that I wanted and needed because I worked my hardest and payed close attention.

  11. My triumph of this week is getting a good grade in chemistry and all my assignments. I have learned to study ahead on my homework and manage my time better.

  12. My triumph this 9 weeks was understanding most of the new concepts we are learning. Although, the lab write ups are very frustrating at times, after doing a few of them i think I’m getting better at them. I feel like I will do much better this next 9 nine weeks because I know what to expect and what is expected of me.

  13. A triumph for the first nine weeks in chemistry was that i learned how to manage my time and how to study, learn, and remember ALOT of information. I know how to work a problem to find density, percent error, and using the Q formula. The homework from the book was a lot easier than I expected it to be because i could find the answers in my notes. Overall, this semester was very challenging, and I think that now that I have better study skills it will benefit me next semester. 🙂

  14. I feel that my triumph in chemistry class this nine weeks has been the capability to comprehend what I am doing in the Labs. I will say that the homework though time consuming sometimes was easier to do because of the notes I took in class. I have struggled a little to remember to do my web posts but I am now getting a hang of it and making sure that I remember to do them. I am able to do percent error, density, volume, and Q formula much easier than i was at the start I feel even though this quarter was tough I have tremendously improved on my studying skills and am getting prepared for this upcoming nine weeks.

  15. The first nine weeks was a struggle because I was not used to the way I was supposed to do things. One triumph I had was that I learned and was able to design experiments for multiple labs. Another triumph was that I learned and memorized how to turn assignments in on google drive and turn it in. When I got my grades back on test and quizzes, I felt like I had triumphed because my grades were good and I really understood the material being taught. Overall, I felt pretty good about how I finished the first nine weeks, and I hope I can continue that throughout the rest of the year.

  16. My triumph from last nine weeks was learning how to do the lab reports. I learned how to study and manage my time better and I hope I will continue to improve in the next nine weeks.

  17. My Triumph for this first nine weeks would have to be the labs. The labs would have to be my favorite part of Chemistry so far, and I think they are the things I am best at.

  18. This past nine weeks has been very challenging in numerous ways, but my triumph would have to be learning how to do a lab without having all the procedures and having to learn how to write a lab write-up from the beginning. The reason I choose this as my triumph because I have never had to write my own before, but i will continue working hard and trying my abosulte best and give the class 110%.

  19. This nine weeks was not the easiest. One triumph I had was doing well on most of the labs. They are not easy but with a lot of work and attention to detail I got them done. Another triumph was being able to apply things that I have learned. This class is different then a lot of my other classes, because you can’t just memorize information and expect to do well on quizzes and tests. Hopefully This next nine weeks I will continue to do well.

  20. My triumph for the first nine weeks was learning how to turn in labs correctly. I knew where to turn them in but I would never know if it converted to a pdf correctly. Also I struggled with sig figs at first. I had never did sig figs before I came to Northpoint but they did make converting easier. As the class goes on I hope to get better at them both.

  21. The first nine weeks I did really good on the tests but I failed a lot of the labs I understood how to do some of them but not all of them and I didn’t try as hard as I could have but I think I that I did descent.

  22. i think my triumph from the first nine weeks was the scavenger hunt. i worked extremely hard on it and checked over it multiple times, and i am really happy with my grade.

  23. This past nine weeks, my triumph has been staying on top of things and finding ways to ask for help. I also realized that you have to ask questions in the classroom. Also, it was great starting on labs. I cannot wait to do more and spend more time experimenting.

  24. My triumph for the first nine weeks was studying ahead and applying myself. Also I learned to manage my time between studying and extracurricular activities that was going on. I worked hard on my labs paying attention to detail and that paid off because I received good grades on them. I feel that the first nine weeks ended well and I will continue to work hard and do my best.

  25. This 9 weeks my biggest triumph was the chapter test. I did not do great but I did pass and I learned the most from that test. I learned that I’m am going to study more then I usually do to get a good grade and I’m gonna need to spend a lot more time on chemistry. That test showed me how to study and how I was going manage my time.

  26. My triumph from the first quarter was making good grades on our labs. The first quarter had many hardships, but I learned useful information that will help me throughout the year. In the second nine weeks I plan to put as much time and hard work as i possibly can in to bringing my grade up in chemistry.

  27. My triumph for the first nine weeks was studying ahead and applying myself. I worked hard on my labs. Tried my best on the test. I think that first nine weeks ended okay I wish I would have tried harder and not procrastinated so much. I also plan to study more the second nine weeks and do my homework more in advance

  28. My Struggle from the first nine weeks was not studying as hard and completing all my homework and turning in everything. I did not take advantage of all my opportunities and pay attention as well as I should’ve , but I have big moves and changes coming for the second 9 weeks as I plan to take advantage of easy grades and opportunities

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