Physics 9-27-18 Chapter 3 Test Overview & Problems Practice

PHYSICS – Great review today with conceptual info from this chapter! And that led to some great work on the monkey-hunter problem and stone thrown from the top of the building problem! One last help session – Monday morning, 7:20ish A.M.

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14 thoughts on “Physics 9-27-18 Chapter 3 Test Overview & Problems Practice

  1. Overall, this week has been pretty good (other than the test which I don’t think I did so hot on…)! I got to eat Christian chicken on Monday morning, see the President on Tuesday, shoot rockets on Wednesday and Thursday, and finish the first nine weeks of senior year!!!! 😉 I can’t believe that we are already 1/4 of the way done with our last year of high school! The Lord has been so faithful, and I am glad that He placed me in your class again this year! I have already grown so much, and I have persevered through all the struggles in Physics so far! I love you Ms. Skinner, and I am so thankful for you!! 🙂

  2. I will not lie. That test was DIFFICULT. I felt super prepared going in to it, but afterwards I felt s little less confident. The labs this week made a lot of sense though, and I really think I understood those concepts. I’ve found I’m a lot better when it comes to applying the concepts in real life/hands on than on paper, or at least that’s true with this chapter. I know I tried my best, and I am proud of myself for that!

  3. The test we took Monday was not good. I thought I was ready but when I started taking it I managed my time badly and so I didn’t have the time I needed to work on the problems as thoroughly as I wanted to. So I am not very positive that I made a good grade. Besides the test, this week has been great. The rocket lab has been very interesting and we even got almost 0% error! And today we do the car and football lab and I can’t wait to tackle that one (ha). But I’ve been really proud of myself because I am able to find all these numbers and solve these complex problems with the just the knowledge in my head and it is very rewarding. I pray that God will help me through the 2nd nine weeks to work and study harder.

  4. Well, I think after this week, I am a certified Northpoint Christian School Honors Physics Rocket Scientist 🙂 When NASA calls, I’ll be ready! All they need to do is put me where they don’t want the rockets to work. Not only did it take FOREVER to work out the rocket problem (thank you so much Ms.Skinner for the help session on Monday before the test! I’m sorry that you had to wake up and get at the school so early and I still did so bad on the test… I went to both help sessions and studied all weekend (oh and I finally figured out how to do both the horizontal and vertical major/minor gridlines on the graph so if any chem students have any problems let me know)), everything that could go wrong for the rocket lab did. We brought two stopwatches. Both died. We tried 3 bases. None of them worked. We tried 2 air-pumps. Both kept leaking air. Both kept popping of the rocket. We tried Tina. We tried ME. We tried everything. But I am so thankful for Mr. Belue! He had the magic touch. And, FINALLY, after it felt like a million times, WE DID IT!!! Thank you so much Ms. Skinner for sacrificing your lunch for us and believing in us that we could do it! I was doubtful and was extremely frustrated, but you remained calm and helped us succeed! I know that even more than just physics, that is also a tremendous life lesson as well. Perseverance will pay off! I can’t believe it’s the end of the 1st nine weeks, and I have grown so much! I totally agree with ME, and I’m thankful that the Lord has placed me in this class!

  5. It’s officially fall break. I think this was a good week, other than the test. I learned that I need to be patient (the rockets were driving me crazy) and just persevere through the week. I definitely will need to work on projectile motion more because the weeks leading up to the test just stressed me out because of things outside of physics. First 9 weeks done.

  6. I was highly confident about my test this week even though I didn’t finish one question. I found the labs to be very intriguing. I had planned on shooting the rocket horizontals to find the velocity, but since we were not aloud to do that, we had to come up with a new way to find the velocity. I was flexible and was able to figure it out by using half of the vertical time, and using a initial velocity of zero (when it was at its highest point) to find the distance. We also were able to figure out how to throw a football and make it fall straight down with the help of a car. This week has been very productive and helped me grasp a greater understanding of the last chapter.

  7. This week in physics has been tough but good. The rocket lab really tested my patience. Aside from nearly getting hit twice, everything malfunctioned. I am so grateful for your patience with us, Miss Skinner! I am a little worried about the test. I felt really prepared, but I am afraid that I made a lot of simple mistakes. Have a good fall break, Miss Skinner!

  8. Hey Ms. Skinner! This week was great! I studied about four hours the night before, and even though I got tripped up on a few problems, it was easier to take since I understood all of the questions and problems better than the first test. Because I studied more, I was calmer and more aware of my time management on Monday as well. The labs we performed this week were also very fun to do. To be only given an objective and restrictions on how to find it and then finding the correct answers out with your friends is the coolest thing I’ve ever done in a classroom. I hope the next nine weeks is as challenging as this one was.Thank you for reading!

  9. I feel really good this week about the test. I felt like I prepared better for this test than the last one. I also felt really good about the labs this week, since I was able to apply what I had learned in class directly into something.

  10. So, this test was pretty rough for me. I had a migraine the day I took it, which added to the fact that I was quite unprepared. However, I did have fun shooting the rocket and doing the lab with the jeep today! I am also eating some Christian Chicken right now so all is well!! 👍🏻

  11. This week in Physics, I enjoyed the leniency with our homework. The break from it all gave me time to do extracurricular things, like volunteering and attending Knowledge Bowl practice. I feel like I did well on the test, but I have no idea if I actually did or not. The rocket lab was amusing. I enjoyed making Kim Jong Un jealous. Today, the football lab was interesting. I still find it amazing how the football just drops. It is hard to fathom that the result is just the ball falling. All in all, this week went very well.

  12. This week in physics was awesome! I really enjoyed doing all of the outdoor labs and working on my problem-solving skills. The rocket lab was definitely a challenge but it was so rewarding when it worked for us first try! And not to mention the football lab also worked first try!

  13. This week in Physics has been alright. I was not thrilled with my test score and feel like careless mistakes really got me. However, I do feel like I learned a lot from these mistakes and will hopefully not do the same on the next test. I think I just need to keep working on managing my time, because that is usually what hurts me the most. However, so far the lesson we did in class today makes a lot of sense to me! Hopefully it stays like that throughout the entire chapter!

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