Physics 9-26-18 Relative Motion Revisited – Motion Down a River and Kid on a Slide with a Water Gun

PHYSICS – Wow, we finally made it to the official end of chapter 3! Do you realize how much you’ve accomplished? Awesome!

How’d you do with relative motion “revisited”? You know, you’ve done this already. The only new part is the motion of objects in the same direction and opposite directions, relative to each other. Don’t forget, you’ll use what you learned about vector addition to work those “boat goes across a river” and “plane experiences a head wind” types of problems.

Here’s another look at relative motion – and a heads up on the kid on a slide with a water gun problem.

Need extra help? Help session tomorrow morning, Thursday, 7:20ish. UPDATE – test rescheduled for Monday!

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15 thoughts on “Physics 9-26-18 Relative Motion Revisited – Motion Down a River and Kid on a Slide with a Water Gun

  1. I am having a great week in Physics! While the homework problems have been very difficult, I have been more determined to work the problems until I understand them. That is not something I did last chapter, so maybe this test will go a little smoother for me. Also, I can’t wait to start designing the rocket lab tomorrow!!

  2. This week I rate myself a 4/5. My lab partner and I finished both our labs this week with plenty of time to clean up and make plenty of observations. I am going to work on organizing my class time better to do everything as efficiently as possible to ensure I have everything done when I need it to be.

  3. Right when I thought I had everything in this chapter figured out, we started doing 2-D and relative motion problems. Ha. Ha. This week has been a major challenge, but I know I am growing through my time in this class (though I’m experiencing growth pains), as it has already stretched me farther than I ever thought possible! I am excited for the rocket lab design tomorrow, and I look forward to discussing with the rest of the class what we have learned so far! I can’t believe that the nine weeks is nearing an end, and then it will be too late for me to drop…JUST KIDDING!! 😉
    I’m going to be praying that the Lord will be with us as we study for our test and that He will be glorified in the process and the final result! Love you and appreciate you, Ms. Skinner!

  4. What a week! I can’t believe we’re about to have our second test!!! And you don’t know how thankful and relieved I am that you moved the test to Monday! THANK YOU SO MUCH MS. SKINNER!!! I am kinda nervous though since we’re so close to the end of the nine weeks. I will say I started out understanding the vectors really well with the graphical and trig way of solving. But then we added angles and all that extra fun stuff… strap me to the rocket and maybe then I can find out how much time it takes for it to land or what its horizontal range is 🙂 I really appreciate the help session even though it was a little shorter than normal. And I think once I rework all the problems it will make a little more sense since we worked through some of the harder ones and the concepts behind them. And I am pleased to know the difference between velocities relative to you in a car and the velocity of someone on the airport moving sidewalk, and that there IS gravity under water even though we don’t use it since it’s a different dimension 🙂 Have a great weekend! I’ll try my best to remind you about the help session Monday, and I apologize for all the questions I’ll be asking this weekend!

  5. I feel much more confident about this chapter than I did about chapter 2. I am so thankful that the test was moved because it relieved a ton of stress. I had a lot of assignments and scholarships due this Friday, and I was not able to give physics the full attention it requires before a test. I want to practice graphical vector addition, and I have marked a few homework problems that I struggled with (I’m applying what I learned from the last test: make note of struggles as they happen rather than trying to identify them before the test!) I hope to have everything completely settled by the help session Monday so that it can just be review.

  6. Well this has been a great week in physics for me! I have been watching the recordings from the comfort of my couch, and haven’t had to answer a single question. I am struggling with these problems, but I am improving as I practice and rewatch the recordings. I really appreciate y’all taking the time to pray for me. Thank you, Ms. Skinner!

  7. I am having a hard time with this section this week. For some reason it’s difficult for me to do these problems. It’s discouraging but I will continue to try my best. I believe it is putting the problem together that is really getting to me. But because of this, I will be doing my best this weekend to practice for the test. Doing the actual vectors is fine for me, it’s just thinking everything through that’s confusing me.

  8. I think this week was pretty good all things considered. I feel much better about having the test moved to Monday in order for me to make sure I am as ready as possible. I feel like I have learned a lot this week and a little more practice will make me ready for this test.

  9. This week was great. I think I’m gradually becoming more responsible for my homework and better at learning outside of the classroom. I’m trying to rework all the problems I get confused on and when I get home every day, I ask myself if my notes make sense. If they do I don’t review. If they don’t I do. I hope that this upcoming test will give me a chance to both redeem my grade and prove how much I truly value this class. I plan on studying more than two hours this time! Thank you for reading this!!

  10. I’m really proud of my self this week. At the beginning of this week I was STRUGGLING and on the verge of a mental break down. but after working on problems with a friend one night I completely understood! I feel so accomplished that I’m able to do these problems well now in just a weeks time. God has seen me through and I can’t thank him enough!

  11. i rate myself 4/5 i did really well with the computer things this week and with the article on friday. i’m proud of myself for the hard work i put in during chemistry

  12. This week was actually really good in chemistry! I think the projectile motion problems finally clicked; they finally started to make sense to me in my head. I am going to rework a lot of them over the weekend in preparation for the test on Monday, but I surprisingly feel very confident going into it! The main issue I need to make sure I’m good on is managing my time. On the last test, I ran out of time on the problems and wasn’t able to finish all of them. Hopefully this time I can finish the test and do well!

  13. Physics was difficult this weak especially since i had missed the Friday before. Luckily i watched the podcast and was not completely lost. The difference between resultant velocity and velocity initial of horizontal confused me at first and i mixed the, too. But after the help session it was all cleared up. I also enjoyed designing two labs Friday. I am so thankful that the test is moved I am going to take this extra time to rework problems and also get some much needed sleep.

  14. This week in Physics, I struggled initially with working out the more complicated problems in our homework. After going over them in class, I now understand how to do them. Yesterday, we were able to get a lot of planning done for our lab. With the test being moved, I can now touch upon the types of conceptual questions that stumped me on our last test. If I can get these types of questions to click with me, I, hopefully, will improve on this test. All in all, I almost forgot this web post again, as I fell asleep again before composing it, but woke up at 5:30 randomly.

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