Physics 9-19-18 Component Method of Vector Addition

PHYSICS – Great job today!! You are on your way to conquering the component method of vector addition. So which do you like better? Give yourself a chance to get used to separating everything into x and y and it will click, I promise!

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10 thoughts on “Physics 9-19-18 Component Method of Vector Addition

  1. This week was TONS better! I got good news that I did NOT fail my test, and that’s always something to be happy about! The Lord was truly with me because I didn’t make very many mistakes on the problems I actually got to work (except the one I didn’t bubble in…)! I need to improve my pace so I can finish the full test next time–not being able to finish before the bell was what counted off the most points. The review also went well, and I think I am truly grasping the material! The new vector problems were a little rough at first, but once I figured out my scale and measurement issues, things started to go a bit more smoothly! I think the component method will save me some time once I master it–we learned a bit about vectors last year in Trig, so I’m going to need to brush the dust off of those memories for sure! More than anything about this class, I’m excited to see the way that the Lord uses Physics to challenge me to lean on His understanding instead of my own. I saw what He did on the test, and I’m excited to see what else He has in store!

  2. I really enjoyed doing the vectors this week especially graphing them. However I did not like how easy it was to make a mistake on them. I would get super close to the answer but it was still too far away to receive credit. When we learned the mathematical way to solve it, it became a lot easier to solve. I was able to recall what I learned in precal to help me with this new way to solve. I am fully understanding this vector section and am extremely thankful that I had done vectors last year making it a little easier this year.

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    I hope that my formatting doesn’t mess up on this web post, because I’m giving it my all tonight to make up for last weekend.

    This last week was rough watching my Physics grade drop. It started off with me sleeping past the due time for our web post and it finished off with me missing too many multiple choice questions on the test. Identifying the problem with the test makes me want to study conceptual questions a lot more for future tests, as I did fairly well on the problems. A lot of the things I missed were simple and it made me disappointed that I let the easy things stump me. I enjoy the vector problems, as you can both graph and solve trigonometrically to ensure that you get the right answer.

  4. This week has been a much better week for me in Physics! I love working with vectors, and I am so very thankful for the component method. I was beginning to get worried when I realized how easy it was to make a mistake using the graphical method. For some reason, using a ruler and protractor is just not my gift haha. Overall this week has been a good week new material wise, but after getting my test back I realize how much I didn’t understand on the last test. I did a lot worse than I expected to, so I plan to review problems and mistakes I made on the problems intensely before they show up again in a later chapter. Most of the mistakes I made on the problems I think were due to poor time management and lack of practice on my part – both are things I can fix for the next test though!

  5. I really like this chapter so far. The concept of vectors really makes sense to me, and I especially like solving them trigonometrically. However, graphing vectors is going to take some practice, and it is SUPER frustrating. I know that it will get better with time, so I am going to make sure to set aside time to work on it so it is mastered before the test. My mistakes on the last test were mostly easy errors, like not squaring terms or rounding incorrectly. I cannot afford to make small mistakes like that, and I will be super conscious off it from here on.

  6. This week I was really excited that I didn’t fail my first physics test. But, I know that mistakes that I made can be easily fixed for the next test. I now know that graphing vectors can be really tough. And I need to just keep pea ring on them in order to do well with them.

  7. Thank goodness it’s Friday! This week has been VERY long!!! But I have learned a ton this week! I actually enjoy doing the vector problems and I love how I can see how it relates to real life! In fact, I actually keep talking to my dad about what we’re learning because I feel so accomplished to tell him that we’re learning real-world stuff! I enjoy teaching him what I learn and he finds it extremely interesting, so it’s a win-win! Who knew that physics could be a hot father-daughter topic? Also, I made an astonishing discovery this week– my protractor was messed up! I’m so glad you helped me catch that Ms. Skinner before the test! I still have no idea why anyone would be so mean to make a protractor with the circle not in line with the zero! So now I have a new beautiful blue protractor that is correct! Although I’m still trying to decide though whether I like the graphical or trig way of solving the vectors… I like the exactness of the trig but the graphing is more relaxing and fun. I’m going to work some more this weekend so maybe I’ll have a favorite by then! I hope you have a good weekend Ms. Skinner!

  8. I just almost forgot to do my webpost! Ok crisis averted. This week was a good week for me. After getting back our first test, I was glad to learn that I did not fail my test. Yayyyyy!! From that test, I learned that I knew the material and just needed to work on my time management. If I knew the work a little bit more, just a little bit more practice of the homework, I might have finished. Learning the vector addition and resolution(?)[I’m almost positive that’s not the right word. I mean doing trig. to find the resultant] was good for me. I understand how to do it really well though I find graphical to be very tedious. Applying it to problems is yet to be seen. I also need to be more careful with what I hear and remember, maybe writing things out will help me. (Sorry for the accidental double webpost and putting P5 in front of my name and not after the other times. My internet was messing up and my brain flipped the order of the name for webposts respectively)

  9. This week has been very eventful in physics! I much prefer the information we’re covering now (vectors) as opposed to the velocity and acceleration problems; solving them with vectors makes so much more sense to me. Also, I very much prefer the mathematical method of finding the resultant rather than graphical! Hopefully this chapter continues to make sense for me and I succeed on the test next week!

  10. Hey Ms. Skinner! This week has been a lot better then last week. I think that even though I didn’t get that great of a grade on the first test, it sets me up to work harder for the next one. This is great news because I know I haven’t reached my limit and done my best in physics and that excites me. This is because I thought I had a great handle on the information in the last test, but I think I over analyzed and had so many careless errors it took away any chance I had for a good test grade. I am picking up this chapter’s information faster than the previous one, and I hope that means good things to come. Also, I am spending more time on my homework in order to make sure that I am fully comprehending every single thing that I am doing, not just going through the motions for a completion grade.

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