13 thoughts on “Physics 9-11-18 Don’t Hit the Deer! and Colliding Cockroaches

  1. This week, we took our first physics test. Honestly, I am glad it’s over! I was super stressed beforehand and didn’t make it to the help session. However, during the test, I felt prepared and knew what I was doing for almost all the problems. Next time, I will start studying sooner than I did this time so I can have more peace of mind, and I will keep a running list of homework problems I’ve had issues with so I know exactly what to practice when I am studying. So, while I did learn important physics concepts this week, I’ve also picked up some new study habits. Always improving!

  2. This week taking the physics test, I felt really good about understanding all of the essientals to doing well in physics this year. I am much more relaxed after having taken the first test of the year, and I feel like the rest of the year should become easier.

  3. This week was tough but rewarding. We took our first physics test and honestly I felt like I did pretty good way better than I usually felt about chemistry tests. Even though I could have practiced some more problems then I did I believe my hard work payed off. The labs like the car lab has me so excited for physics and I can’t wait to see what’s in store!

  4. This week was a good week. The Physics tests was not as bad as I thought it would be. Doing the homework multiple times really helped me and I budgeted my time well on the test. Doing the lab with the cats outside was both enlightening and fun, though it was really hot outside. It showed that we needed to beware of our time and made me realize how much more prepared I needed to be for the labs the night before.

  5. Where to even begin? This week has for sure been something! Our last football Homecoming! Not to mention our FIRST HONORS PHYSICS TEST!!! So… the test… I didn’t finish which means that I definitely need to work on my time management. In addition, I need to work on not getting distracted or wasting time on problems by looking at them longer than I need to. When I finish a problem, I just need to move on quickly rather than doubting myself which slows me down However, maybe it’s because I was dressed like the 70s, but I was able to keep a relatively low stress level! It still could definitely go lower and I will work on that as well! Also, the distance breaking lab was really fun except I’m pretty sure I got sun-burnt as well as my feet were pretty hot barefoot without my shoes that gave me blisters… Thank you for the bandaids Ms. Skinner 🙂 So I guess I Struggled with Stress and Sleep, but I was Triumphant when I survived the test and had fun with the lab!

  6. Well, it was definitely another crazy week in physics! The test sure hit me like a load of bricks falling at -9.81 m/s2, but I can now say that I have survived my first Honors Physics test! I felt like I did all the studying I could possibly do, but there were still things that I couldn’t quite figure out on the test–I guess there’s always room for improvement! Thankfully this is one of the harder chapters that we will be learning, so that is encouraging! I still need to work on time management and balancing my time better, but I can only get better from here! 🙂

  7. This week was very stressful in physics. I do not feel very confident in the test even though I worked a lot of the problems. The main thing I need to do is budget my time better, especially the latter portion of the test. But the lab on Thursday was very interesting! I was happy at how quickly we were able to get our data despite the heat. Hopefully I did better than I thought I did on the test!

  8. This week in physics really wore me out, but I learned a lot. I need to begin studying for tests earlier, and I need to work on time management. I hope that with practice, I will be better at taking physics tests.

  9. This week was very stressful, but I honestly feel like I handled it better than I expected to!! I was very worried about the test, but after taking it I felt pretty good. I know I made a few mistakes but overall I feel like I did okay. I can’t wait for the next chapter of things we are learning!

  10. The test was this week and I was preparing for a long time for it. I was able to save the deer at home; however, I got confused during the test and had stop and go to the next problem. I learned that I need to work the problems even more and be able to know the thought process on how to solve them. Also my lab partners and I were not able to finish our lab so we have to go out Saturday to work on them.

  11. This week I would rate myself 2/5 stars. I didn’t study enough for the test. I knew it was gonna be hard, but I didn’t prepare for it. I was unsuccessful in my test taking because I didn’t study enough and I didn’t manage my time well during the period. The only way to fix this is to probably correct my study habits. I will next time review for more than two hours, and spend more like five or six in lieau of one long cram session. I’m sorry that I didn’t do well on the test. Please know I still care about your class!

  12. i rate myself a 4/5 this week. i was a little worried about the chemistry test but i think i did good on it. i finished my lab in the time period given too.

  13. This week in Physics, we took our first test. I was worried at first, but remembered that the more I worry, the worse I do. I’m glad that it is out of the way, now. I hope that I did good, but I do not know how well I did. I just need to remember that whatever problem occurs in life, the Lord is there to help me through it, even if it is trivial like a test.

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