11 thoughts on “Physics 9-6-18 Free Fall Acceleration

  1. This week has been full of information even though we have had two weeks. I have been starring the most of my homework because I can’t figure it out. I am working hard to figure out these problems and hopefully I can’t make it where I star one problem max. I’m going to start my take home lab early so I can have extra time to work on the problems I missed this week. I am personally challenging myself to take more time on problems and not giving up early on problems.

  2. Whew! This week was short, but not easy! The homework is still kicking my butt, BUT I am practicing a ton and reworking problems and slowly but surely figuring them out. My biggest challenge right now is not getting discouraged. It’s a lot of work, and working a problem for several minutes only to get the wrong answer is the worst!! I am looking forward to the help session on Tuesday, but I do not want to rely solely on that because the test is right around the corner. I have found the problems that compare multiple objects (two cars crashing, races, etc) to be the most difficult for me, which is great because that means I know what to study. I will keep working hard!

  3. I still struggle with the acceleration and velocity problems, but it is mostly just thinking through how some of the problems work. I am able to do them but only after a bunch of tries (all the tree casulaties were for the greater good). We were only in class for two days this week, but the time was well spent. It really helped me to organize my thoughts and helped me solve the problems.

  4. I have really struggled with the homework this week, but I feel like I’m making progress. I have had the most trouble finding where two objects running towards each other meet. I have gotten better at organizing my work, though.

  5. This week has definitely been CRAZY despite the fact that it was so short!! I know I need to spend a lot of time this weekend working and reworking on the problems, especially the old velocity ones. It’s nice not having to turn the homework in until we figure out the problems we couldn’t work, though if I’m not careful I know they’ll sneak up on me really fast until they’re overwhelming. I’m trying to be a good steward of my time and work efficiently and to not procrastinate, but it’s definitely something I still need to get better at! I think I have at least 3 different homeworks to rework right now… which is too many if I want to stay on top of things! So I’m for sure struggling to stay organized and orderly without any real due dates! Not to mention the actual problems themselves! But I was proud with myself that the Acceleration/Velocity Review Worksheet wasn’t as bad as I thought except for the cockroach problem (which I will need on!! Help Session on Tuesday!) Also, THANK YOU SO MUCH MS. SKINNER for the ACT prep on both Thursday and today! I appreciate it so much and look forward to telling you how much it helped!

  6. Wow. What a week (even though it was only two days–yikes)!! Who knew that senior year would be so calm yet so terribly hectic at the same time! I’ll think that I have everything handled, but then something else will pop up! I am praying that the Lord will help me to avoid procrastinating this year, because I haven’t staying on top of things as much as I would like to so far, and I will definitely need His help… I have definitely been struggling with the advanced velocity/acceleration problems, and I am getting pretty overwhelmed with the upcoming test! Thank you for scheduling a help session though! Hopefully this weekend will also be a good time for me to practice and go back to review all of my old homework assignments!

  7. This week was a very chill week (especially since we only had 2 days of class!). Even though I still don’t feel completely comfortable with all the problems, I do feel like I am making progress and am very grateful for our help session next week. I think by our test I should be prepared and will finally know what to do on the acceleration problems!

  8. This week has been so very challenging, even though it was only two days! I’m having a ton of trouble with homework problems, so I plan to rework them a lot this weekend!

  9. This week I would rate myself 2/5 stars. I was unable to do great on my homework this week because I wasn’t able to stay focused on it the whole time. I continuously let myself get distracted from it. I was very disappointed I let this happen to myself because I know that our homework is the foundation to understanding the most difficult problems that you could give us. The great thing about this class though is that you allow us to try problems until we understand them. I know I will do better at not allowing myself to become unfocused because I truly value every assignment. This sounds ridiculous, but I really do appreciate the fact that homework is able to push me to become a better student. Thanks for reading this super long webpost!!

  10. This week, the homework problems had me stumped. I would figure out about half of the problems using the formulas and deviations of them; but, I struggled with the ones that did not have a set formula. It seems that the creative part of problem-solving has yet to click with me so far, so I need to try and learn that aspect, as it is the most useful tool in physics up to this point. Other than that, I understand the general overview of acceleration problems. I just can not, for the life of me, save that deer yet.

  11. This week I really felt on top of things but that was not enough as I am still having issues with the current lesson we are learning, but i think by the end of the weekend I will have it down

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