Chemistry 8-28-18 Significant Figures

CHEMISTRY: I LOVE the way you are catching on to significant figures! And how will you really unlock the puzzle of sig figs? Practice!!

Two super important things: Make sure you are actively studying for the SI quiz! Also super important – keep up with your homework!! The reason I give it to you so you can practice and put together all we talked about in class ….cuz I love you! 🙂

Be sure and check your syllabus!!

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3 thoughts on “Chemistry 8-28-18 Significant Figures

  1. I learned about sig figs and how the numbers after the decimal are important and some others aren’t . I learned about all the things u need to know to find sig fig numbers

  2. I learned about sig figs and how you determine how many sig figs are in a number. I learned how to add and subtract, multiply and divide numbers and see how many sig figs there are.

  3. I would give myself a 2/5 this week. Just because its been hard keeping up with this week but I’ve tried to make sure I’m caught up and taking notes on everything. I’m excited to be back next week and learn more about sig figs and actually see if I’m doing them right!

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