Hon Chemistry 3-28-18 Single Replacement Reactions

HON CHEMISTRY: Here’s our discussion on the rest of the decomposition and single replacement reactions – and you also got a head start on the activity series!

This makes 15 reactions so far, and we’ll do the rest tomorrow. Careful though, don’t just memorize them. Make sure you can apply them as well. When you start to work any equation, first determine what type of reaction it is, then figure out what rule applies and follow it to determine the products. I believe in you! You can do it!!

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Physics 3-28-18 Waves

PHYSICS: Hey guys! Here’s our discussion on the properties of waves. Remember anything from your earlier 8th grade physical science days? Problems are pretty simple for you, I think. Do you remember the main formula from chemistry? Speed = wavelength x frequency (c = λf).

HOMEWORK UPDATE: All the book homework from waves will be due Friday.

Easy peasy – and don’t forget the applications!