Hon Chemistry 3-21-18 Describing Chemical Reactions

HON CHEMISTRY: So tell me again – how do you know if a chemical reaction has occurred? Here’s the lecture from Wednesday on the evidences of a chemical change and the intro to balancing chemical equations. Poor gummy bear 😉

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10 thoughts on “Hon Chemistry 3-21-18 Describing Chemical Reactions

  1. This week has been a 3/5 so far because it’s been a low homework week which was great. The labs were fun too. The problem is my increasing stress about the upcoming quiz.

  2. This week I would rate myself 2/5 this week. I’ve done all of my homework this week and my lab group has stayed on task. But I am worried about this memorization quiz because today I said aluminum was in group 1.

  3. THIS week was a triumph for me because I’ve done well on every activity. My only worry is for the quiz.

  4. This week has been a triumph because I have completed the labs and enjoyed them too. I also stayed on top of homework. However, I am nervous since we have a quiz tomorrow.

  5. This week I would rate myself a 4/5. It has been very fun to see what we have been learning about. When we do hands-on activities, it helps me understand what we have been learning. I have confidence that the final 9 weeks will go well.

  6. A triumph of this week is the labs, which we completed with little difficulty. I am a little worried about the upcoming quiz, however. Hopefully I retained some information from the last time I learned it, but it seems bleak ://

  7. For this week, I would give myself 4/5 stars. I actually unintentionally prepared for the memorization quiz last test because I was freaking out, so I hopefully have all that covered. I did all my homework and successfully didn’t burn up anything in the lab!

  8. 2/5 stars for me this week. I am SO stressed about this quiz tomorrow because when we took it the first time, well, I didn’t do so hot. My brain and heart are still in spring break mode so it’s been a real struggle this week getting back into the swing of things. My saving grace this week was the labs we didn’t have to write up, like the beads in a bottle lab (that one’s my favorite I have it on my shelf for keeps).

  9. I struggled this week managing my time studying for the quiz. I will just put in more effort before the test.

  10. This week I would rate myself a 3/5. I have really enjoyed the labs, but I have struggled with balancing equations. Also, I was very stressed about the quiz so I’m not sure how it went.

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