Hon Chemistry 3-5-18 Dipoles & Intermolecular Forces

HON CHEMISTRY: So why is molecular geometry important? Here’s the beginning of the answer! Great job on drawing dipoles. And thanks for helping me pick up all that water!

We’ll continue our discussion with intermolecular forces tomorrow, and also tackle ionic bonds!

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Physics 3-5-18 Overview of Chapter 8

PHYSICS: Awesome guest lecturer today! Here are a couple of glances at the end of chapter review, #1 – 14. The first below is from today and is just #7 – 14 and the overview of the test that we did today in class. (Good job, Nathan!!)

The vodcast below that is from last year and is a look at all the question and problems, #1 – 14.

God bless you as you study for your test!

Physics 3-8-17 Overview of Chapter 8 from Tammy Skinner on Vimeo.

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