Chemistry 3-2-18 Intro to cLAB: Element Reverse Scavenger Hunt

CHEMISTRY: What a great beginning to this chapter on the periodic table! This type of independent research is a great way to learn the information about the elements on the Periodic Table. Careful – treat this like it’s kind of a riddle! Sometimes you will have to dig deep to interpret the hint from the picture!

Here’s the vodcast from today (yes – today for real! The new mic worked!!) on the s block notes, notes on hydrogen, and some hints on how to continue the cLAB.

All of the s-block is due Monday in class, and you also have a little bit of book work for Monday.

To supplement your research, there are some really interesting videos with tons of useful information at this site:

Some great videos to watch from the s-block for the test are potassium, magnesium, and calcium.

Hope you have a great weekend!!!

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

Hon Chemistry 3-2-18 Molecular Geometry Homework & cLAB

HON CHEMISTRY: Happy Friday!!! It has been one looooooong week!!! We missed you guys who were absent today! Below is a look at the molecular geometry homework we went over today (yes, I said today – we have a somewhat working mic!!).

Also we began the cLAB: 3D molecules today in class, and this vodcast will give you a head start on that assignment. Be sure and read the lab sheet BEFORE you start and before you turn in the assignment!!

Have a wonderful weekend!!