Chemistry 2-5-18 Spectroscopy Lab

CHEMISTRY: How’d you like playing with light? Kind of pretty, huh?

Are you clear on how to turn in the lab report? Observations from the diffraction grating today will be in two parts: 1) the written observation – answers to those four questions for BOTH types of light on notebook paper, and 2) your drawings of both kinds of light on different half sheets of card stock or heavy white paper, and then both drawings mounted together on one side of a single sheet of construction paper. Be sure to label with the type of light!

Observations from Part 2 with the spectroscope will be answered on the actual lab sheets/packet. Be sure and read ahead so that you can double check to make sure you answered every single observation and question. The entire packet will be due on Monday!!

Light 2

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2 thoughts on “Chemistry 2-5-18 Spectroscopy Lab

  1. So far this week has been a 4/5 this week because the project was a little hard to comprehend, but I’m figuring it out more as time passes by. Also my test score wasn’t the best, but i know i tried my hardest and that’s just as important.

  2. f-block Intro & a Look Back at cLAB: Element Reverse Scavenger Hunt
    ju jones c1 on Chemistry 2-15-18 Orbital Notation & Electron Configuration Notation

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