Hon Chemistry 1-24-18 Electron Configuration & Blocks of the Periodic Table

HON CHEMISTRY: Wow! You learned a lot today! Don’t we serve an awesome God?!? You probably knew the periodic table was really organized, but did you realize that it was THAT organized? Awesome!

Practice what you’ve learned!! You’ll get the hang of it and be as laid back as this “noble” fellow in no time! 😉

Hon Chemistry 1-19-17 Electron Configuration & Blocks of the Periodic Table from Tammy Skinner on Vimeo.

flickr photo by Rennett Stowe

Chemistry 1-24-18 Half Life Problems

CHEMISTRY: These banana’s been through too many half lives for you?? Great job thinking through the half-life problems! Be sure and practice, practice, practice! They aren’t super difficult, but if you don’t practice, you’ll be as lost as a ball in high weeds!!

What about the Half Life thLab? Scroll down to find the post for your class and for more information.

Help session TOMORROW, Thursday, 7:20ish, if you’d like extra practice on nuclear equations and half life problems.

flickr photo by Per Pettersson