Hon Chemistry 1-23-18 Orbital Notation & Electron Configuration Notation

HON CHEMISTRY: Wow, you did a great job today! Did quantum numbers begin making more sense when you started using them? Good work today on orbital notation. I think you’re going to be seeing arrows and numbers in your sleep!

And then, just when you were getting the hang of drawing arrows, I go and change it! But don’t you think writing electron configuration notation is a whole lot shorter than doing orbital notation? Don’t get me wrong, knowing how to do orbital is great for seeing how the electrons are paired, but this way is waaaay shorter!

Be sure and practice with the homework tonight, and don’t forget to use the Aufbau “chart”!!!

Chemistry 2-8-16 Orbital Notation & Electron Configuration Notation from Tammy Skinner on Vimeo.

flickr photo by Iguana Jo

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5 thoughts on “Hon Chemistry 1-23-18 Orbital Notation & Electron Configuration Notation

  1. This week so far has been okay. A struggle was the lesson we learned on Monday. I felt very overwhelmed while taking notes in class and even more so after when I was doing my homework. I think that was because it was a lot of information at once. However, yesterday’s class went really well and I think I completely understand what we learned about orbital notation and electron configuration notation. That made homework a lot easier.

  2. This week’s triumph was understanding the lessons and keeping up with the notes. The trick about the periodic table we learned today was very cool and makes aufbau’s chart so much easier to memorize. I also have managed my time well and already started preparing for our test.

  3. This week I would rate myself 4/5. I understand the orbital notation and noble gas notation. I have also learned how to read the periodic table for writing an atom’s electron configuration which makes the Aufbau chart easier to learn.

  4. This week I would rate myself a 4/5. I feel as though I am catching on quickly to the different methods of writing atoms’ electrons. At first I was very puzzled about the order that electrons fill orbitals, but the Aufbau chart cleared it up. Now, I just need to focus on the first part of the chapter and study that until I am confident throughout the entire chapter.

  5. I would rate myself 4/5 for this week because at the beginning of the week, i stayed away from zoning out well. As the week has gone on, I have slacked in paying attention, but I still understand the material.

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