Hon Chemistry 1-18-18 Bohr Model of the Atom

HON CHEMISTRY: I figured anybody who ditched his honeymoon to finalize his work on atomic theory deserved to have his picture on our website. (And, by the way, great job making like electrons today – way to role play!)

Here are a couple of other links to some great video clip that begin to show the connection between our lab on spectroscopy, the hydrogen emission spectrum, and how we can identify elements. They’ll be very helpful as you study!! Spectrum of the Stars, The Emission Spectrum of Hydrogen

Hon Chemistry 1-13-17 Bohr Model of the Atom from Tammy Skinner on Vimeo.

Image source www.atomicarchive.com/Images/bio/B23.jpg

Chemistry 1-18-18 Isotopes & Average Atomic Mass

CHEMISTRY: Isn’t God awesome to give us minds to understand the world around us – even the parts we can’t see!

Be sure and get the 2nd Snow Updated syllabus. Things got changed around again!! Be sure and notice the special instructions for Thursday night’s homework!

Here’s the lecture from Thursday on isotopes and average atomic mass. How are you doing on writing nuclear symbols? Also make sure you can use them to determine the number of protons, neutrons, electrons, etc., AND be sure you can use the formula to find average atomic mass!

Can you believe atoms are that small – and the nucleus even waaaaaay smaller! The thumbnail is a picture of atoms from the IBM Almaden Research Center. These are iron atoms on top of copper. Being able to move atoms around like this was a giant leap in the field of nanotechnology! (Sorry about that, bad pun! 🙂 )

Chemistry 12-7-15 Isotopes & Average Atomic Mass from Tammy Skinner on Vimeo.

Image source IBM Almaden Research Center