Chemistry 1-10-18 Structure of the Atom

CHEMISTRY – Chocolate chip cookie dough model of the atom? Here’s the beginning of our discussion of how scientists began to determine the structure of the atom and the existence of subatomic particles. For each, make sure you know the name of the scientists, the name of their experiments, be able to draw a diagram of their experiment, and describe how they interpreted the experimental results that led to their discoveries. Wow, that’s a mouthful!

Also, here are some video clips that I want everyone to watch that will help make things a bit clearer. Click here for the video on the Cathode Ray Tube Experiment that Thompson did, and also for the video clips that I want you to watch on The Discovery of the Electron and The Discovery of the Nucleus. All of these will be great tools in studying for the test!

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Physics 1-10-18 Collision Problems & Bouncing

PHYSICS: Here’s a new way to study collisions! Somebody’s having way too much fun with veggies!

How are you doing with the problems? Since we didn’t really work any in class today, I’ve found an old vodcast that I’ve posted below that also has some of last night’s kinetic energy problems as well as the lesson on bouncing, etc.

Are you ready to crank it up a bit? Here’s a hint – check for connections between the conservation of momentum and the conservation of energy. Also, that old vodcast below might have some hints for you! You can do it!

Physics 1-7-16 Collision Problems & Bouncing from Tammy Skinner on Vimeo.

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Hon Chemistry 1-10-18 Photoelectric Effect

HON CHEMISTRY: Wow check out this awesome example of the photoelectric effect – a giant solar flower in Buenos Aires, Argentina! It moves as it follows the sun. Click on the link to learn more. There’s also a link below the vodcast. Giant Solar Flower

Awesome field trip today! Hey what about other applications of the photoelectric effect? Are there tiny people living in boxes above the doors at Wal-mart and Target? What about solar calculators? And hey – what about those automatic flush toilets?!

Hon Chemistry 1-11-17 Photoelectric Effect from Tammy Skinner on Vimeo.

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