Hon Chemistry 12-6-17 Nuclear Reactors & Fusion

HON CHEMISTRY: Wow! What do you think about fusion? Can you now begin to understand the destructive force of the hydrogen bomb? It’s a fusion bomb! Just another reason you might not want to plan a trip to the sun!!

We put the final touch on a lot today, and guess what? We’ve wrapped up the chapter! How are you doing on studying for the test? It will cover the beginning part of chapter 3 (through average atomic mass) and chapter 21. Did you find the Stuff to Know Sheet?

Practice everything! And did I mention, PRACTICE!! I’ll be praying for you!

Hon Chemistry 12-7-16 Isotopes, Nuclear Reactors, and Fusion from Tammy Skinner on Vimeo.

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13 thoughts on “Hon Chemistry 12-6-17 Nuclear Reactors & Fusion

  1. This week’s triumph was finishing the last chapter of the semester!! Studying for the test was long and stressful, but I’m hoping it will prove worth the effort when we get the tests back!

  2. I rate myself a 4/5 this week. I finished the chemistry test and made sure to study all of the material thoroughly beforehand. I know I missed one but maybe that’ll be the only one? A girl can dream anyways. I did feel a bit overwhelmed, like I get for every chemistry test, because I get so worked up and stressed. I’m just ready for the break and to get some sleep again. I want Christmas to come early.

  3. This week I remate myself a 4/5. I made a great study guide for the test and didn’t procrastinate. I feel pretty good about that test, but there was one part I didn’t understand.

  4. A triumph for me this week was missing a day of school, then being able to pick myself back up before I got overwhelmed. I was very scared on Monday that all of the work would pile up and up, but I was able to recover before I was suffocated. I can’t believe we are almost a whole semester through chemistry!

  5. A success was that I studied really hard for the test and kept up with my work. I haven’t seen the test yet but I have high hopes!

  6. This week has been really stressful for me because I had to work with a really busy schedule. I think I have managed okay though. I can’t wait until Christmas.

  7. This week I rate myself 4/5. the test was not that horrible, but I could have studied in abetter way. Exam review is starting and I am ready to long hours and no sleep!

  8. This weeks triumph is finishing almost a whole semester of chem!!! Now I need to start preparing for the exam so I can hopefully do well.

  9. This week was a success because I finished my last test of the semester and hopefully I did well. Now I have to start the exam review so I can finish strong!

  10. My triumph this week was studying for the chemistry test and finishing it in time. I also managed my time well by finishing all the homework while also having a project from another class due the same day as the test.

  11. I would rate myself a 3/5 this week. I studied thoroughly for the test, but I was unsure about some of the half life questions and the ratio questions.

  12. This week’s triumph was finally getting through the first semester. I know I still have exams but I’ve started to review some things and feel good about it.

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