Hon Chemistry 11-29-17 Intro to Radioactivity

HON CHEMISTRY: Welcome to nuclear chemistry! No, really – I think you’ll be surprised how much nuclear chemistry is already a part of your everyday life. And now you know where E=mc2 came from!!

Here’s the lecture for Wednesday on a bit of the “history” of radioactivity. By the way, when you get a chance, read about the life of Marie Cure – fascinating woman of science with an incredible story!

Chemistry 1-5-15 Intro to Radioactivity from Tammy Skinner on Vimeo.

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3 thoughts on “Hon Chemistry 11-29-17 Intro to Radioactivity

  1. This week I would rate myself 3 out of 5. I did not do as well as I wanted on my last test. I am going to change my approach for my next test and study harder.

  2. My struggle this week was definetly dealing with this test and my grade. I am going to have to refine my approach to the tests. I am going at a too slow rate, which set me back an entire 16 points on the last chapter. I need to analyze my test and manage my time much more efficiently. I believe I can totally fix that mistake on the next test!

  3. My struggle this week is finding time for my work. I have had a lot going on these past few weeks and have had a harder time doing my homework and studying. I may also have to tweak how I study to make my grade on the upcoming test higher

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